Vacation irrigation

lovefirst17June 10, 2013

I'm a new gardener so please bear with me. I'm going on a vacation in a few weeks where ill be gone for a week. It is not possible to have someone water for me (nor would I trust anyone around here who offered!) so I'd like to come up with a beginner's guide to drip irrigation, keeping in mind I'm new and have small funds.

I have about 8 containers and 4 beds to water. The containers are mostly in the same area. I was thinking of some kind of Hose contraption whereby I could have almost a spider network of hoses to water the miscellaneous containers.

4 of the containers are half buried in my front bed. So I'm thinking a full overwatering of that bed before I leave and possibly a timer on a sprinkler for that bed would be sufficient.

If this makes sense, help! Al can you help with this? My containers are all veggies and herbs.

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a week is not super long , maybe give them a good drink before you go and pray for some rain about 4 days after, then water when you get home ?

just an idea.


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Have you checked YouTube? They have all kinds of videos about drip irrigation. :)

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