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MFIXJune 28, 2012

Hi all,

Relatively new to container growing, and just wanted to know about overwintering perennials in containers. I have a peony that was given to me, and had nowhere to put it in our garden, so we put it in a container and it has really taken off! I am building two new, large beds as part of a patio structure, and Im not sure I will have enough time to acclimate it to the new beds. My question is, how does one overwinter a perennial in a container? Outside? I live in Buffalo, NY, so we do have low temps. Or, can I keep it in the garage while dormant in the winter? My current pots are all very durable plastic, so I am unsure of the risk of ice heaving and breaking them. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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howelbama(7 NJ)

The garage may work, or if possible, you can bury the pot to protect it from freezing, and let the snow do the insulating.

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Garage may be the way to go. Our ground usually freezes in winter (though this last winter was our warmest ever) so burying the pot may prove problematic, and we also have heavy clay soil in my subdivision, so it may be a really hard proposition. Thank for the advice.

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