French drain water drainage

timtex(8a)May 2, 2014

We moved into a brand new house in January. Right after the foundation was poured last fall, we started noticing water collecting on the north side of the lot, and we raised the issue with our builder. They ended up putting what I assume is a French drain--ultimately the only thing visible were about three round green plastic grates--along the side of the house. About a month after we moved in, the house next door was completed, and the people who did the sod covered up all but one of the grates. I should have gotten out there and cut the sod away from them, but I didn't, and now they are completely hidden by green grass and dirt. I tried poking around with a stick but can't find them now. We're also having drainage issues, especially in the corner of the backyard. There is a sprinkler head there, and when I told the sprinkler company that I thought it was leaking, they said that head is probably lower than all the others and water is slowing coming out of it after the system has run. I took a pick ax and dug a trench along the fence line from the sprinkler head to the only exposed drain grate, a distance of about twelve feet. This seemed to prevent that corner from becoming a bog. My questions...Do all the grates need to be uncovered, and if so how do I find them without buying a metal detector? Should I ask for a taller riser on the corner sprinkler head? Does the French drain need to be extended all the way to the corner of the backyard, or should I just fill the little trench I made with rocks? All of this is supposed to be under warranty, but our complaints to the builder have only fallen on deaf ears. The builder is MHI/Plantation Homes--don't get me started on them. Thanks

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The grates need to be uncovered. Find them by tapping with a pointed shovel or a pointed probing rod (improvise.)

Do not understand the french drain question and filling trench with rocks. Show a picture.

Doubtful that the irrigation is leaking. Likely is as the installer said, just a pipe full of water draining. If it's coming our hours later, then needs to be further investigated.

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I tried finding the drain opening that I knew was there (but covered up with sod) by using our twist tiller that has five sharp spikes. I inched it along by pushing it into the ground, but all I found was rocks. Since I already had one drain uncovered, I took out my pick again and dug a narrow trench, following the pipe all the way down to the other drain. I finally found it, but I'm not sure if there's a third one. The builder finally responded yesterday and added a bunch of dirt in both corners of the backyard. Today we are having a pretty good rain, and the water is doing exactly what it did before I dug the trench along the fence line--huge puddles that will never go away, eventually killing the grass. I just don't think these people know what they're doing. Plantation Homes is a horrible builder, and if anyone reading this is considering them, as a homeowner my advice is to run in the other direction.

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