Planting over a french drain

mazelady(2)May 27, 2011

Along the side of my house is a concrete border. Between the border and the house is about 3 feet covered with a thin layer of large gravel. I think there is a french drain underneath because the gutter drains into a black plastic drainpiece sticking out of the ground. There is some dirt under the gravel.

I want to plant New Gold Lantana over it(the kind that doesn't spread like crazy).

Would this cause problems for the drain? Should I plant something else?

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It's difficult for anyone to know what is under the gravel since it may be a french drain or it may be solid abs pipe. If you really think there's a french drain there, I think the safe option is to use planters or pots and place them on top of the gravel.

Otherwise, you'll need to do some digging to figure out what is below the gravel, and based on the depth of a drain contractors buried at our previous home, you may have to dig down 3+'.

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