Corner of Backyard - Forsythia & Limelight Hydrangeas?

sniteiuMay 25, 2012

I realize pictures would be helpful, but don't have one snapped to upload at the moment (will try to do later this evening). Looking at suggestions for landscaping a corner in my backyard. There are currently three large forsythia (approx 5.5'-6' tall and 3'-3.5' wide) shrubs arranged in a triangle...two up front and one in the back near the corner of where a privacy fence will be going in this summer.

Currently considering planting 3-5 dwarf variety (little lime) hydrangeas in front of the forsythia that will create a hedge as they grow in. The hydrangeas would be flanked by some kind of large ornamental grass on each end (I'm thinking variegated miscanthus, maybe).

My main concern is that the limelight hydrangea foliage will be too similar to the forsythia in both color and shape, so the corner may look too "blah" for most of the summer until the hydrangeas start blooming. I was initially considering full size limelights (vs dwarf variety) in the corner as the focal point, with boxwoods in the foreground, but got a great deal on the forsythia and felt the need to get them into the ground earlier this spring.

Thoughts/suggestions on either idea? I'm stuck on whether or not I should relocate the forsythia or leave it, which ultimately keeps me at bay from making any decision on the hydrangea and finishing off this corner of the yard. Thanks in advance for your comments!!

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Plant Loropetalum along the border between the hydrangea and the the forsythia.Or plant Crocus replace the hydrangea.

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Loropetalum is not hardy to zone 6. I have no idea what plant DO6 means by "crocus," but (s)he has seemed to consistently believe this is a shrub...

Anyhow, I was going to suggest purple leaf sand cherries. They bloom just after forsythia stops, and they will look nice and different before the hydrangeas start blooming. You might look into Endless Summer, too.

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Thanks for the suggestion, reyes. I assume you mean the sand Cherries instead of the miscanthus, correct? I definitely like the color contrast these would provide, but am hesitant for the same reason I'm considering relocating the forsythia...that being very little contrast/variation in the foliage shape itself, which was one reason I thought an ornamental grass could be nice. Thoughts? it possible to prune the cherries so they remain as a shrub...I'm not familiar with them at all. Thanks!!

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@reyesuela Buffalo is zone 6,here Loropetalum are very healthy.Where do you see a visual designer has seemed to consistently believe bulb is a shrub? other some thread,you always cut our should study 3d,different size are from different angles and distances.

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