Can I Still Save Colorado Spruce?

karinmarieMay 31, 2010

We have been so busy working on the interior of our house that the landscape has been very neglected! Yesterday I noticed that one of our huge Colorado Spruces is looking very sickly. A lot of the really low branches on the back side of the tree are dead and it seems to be turning brown. I also do not see any candling on this tree which I understand if that is present it means the tree is healthy. We have hideous clay soil but when these were planted we put a lot of peat moss and good top soil in. Is there anything I can do to try to save it now? It is one of six in our back yard...the rest are doing fine.

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Is the area that is turning brown in someway being distressed by lack of sun or space? Are the others candeling when they should? When was it planted? Can you post pictures of this one as well as the others? Sometimes there is winter kill to one and not the others, it could be that. Or it could be a combination of that and wind. The soil although ammended as you say can be a factor. However I am assuming the others are doing fine in the same type of soil. Just wondering if this particular one has different light, heat, moisure exposure.

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As Stormz4 said, if they CS is shaded out it drops those needles, as they are not productive any longer. A picture or a description of the setting would be helpful.

If the CS's are in a row then lower branches can be shaded out by their neighbours.

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Thanks for your help...I need to figure out how to get the photos on here. They are in a row but this one is no more shaded than the others. I read that if they are planted too deep that can casue the lower branches to drop needles too.

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