Cover For Well Casing

velvetfoot(Z5 NY)May 18, 2009

I'm looking for ideas to cover the well casing in the front yard. I have a hankering for a gazing ball, but that would require a pedestal wide enough to cover the casing. Thanks for any ideas.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

How tall is the casing, and how wide?

Is the well located in an existing planting area? Where is it in reference to the house, the driveway, the sidewalk along the street, the walkway from driveway to front door, etc.?

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velvetfoot(Z5 NY)

My wife says she'd go for a fake rock.

I'm surprised there's nothing specialized for this other than maybe a fake rock, wishing well, lighthouse, etc. There's gotta be millions of these relatively unsightly things dotting the countryside.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

You want something to hide the well, but you probably prefer that the final result doesn't scream "Bad attempt to hide the well!" but instead looks like a normal feature of the landscaping.

Part of that will depend on where the well casing is located.

Myself, I don't object to a nice fake rock, especially if combined with good landscaping and a couple of other -- preferably authentic -- rocks to make it less obvious that the big one is filling the role of concealing an unsightly well.

Depending on the size and shape of the well and where it is located, you could build -- or have someone build for you -- a stand for your gazing ball which would fit over the well casing. I've seen in a catalog a short gazing ball stand which is designed to sit on something else. So build yourself a pillar-ish thing large enough to cover the casing, and in proportion for the size of the gazing ball. Put one of the short stands on the pillar, or simply sit the ball in a bowl.

If the well casing is too wide for a pillar in proportion to a gazing ball, make a wider pillar and put a birdbath bowl atop it.

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Every time I post this solution it is ignored. Perhaps you will do the following...visit a builder's supply business that sells chimney flues. The large, square size should fit comfortably over the well head. Now, set a large stepping stone/flat stone cover on top of this and you have a 'platform' upon which to display 'whatever'. BTW, it is quite common to find a chimney flue that is cracked or chipped, not suitable for chimney building, at a very inexpensive price with a little bartering. An easy solution waiting for creative displays such as a bonsai, a large pot or basket dripping with color, a gazing ball, a fountain, a statue. This has been my favorite method over the years yet it still allows easy access to the well.

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Had I this situation, nandina's idea would be one I'd seriously consider - have seen arrangements of clay chimney flue liners used as planters. No reason a flue or liner couldn't both hide and, with a simple cap, be a platform for something.

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velvetfoot(Z5 NY)

Thanks for the ideas. My well is about 18" above grade-I think that might be code. Not sure how long the flue liners are, but probably not that long. I guess I'm gravitating toward the rock, if only to keep my wife happy, but I'll keep trolling the web for ideas.
Thanks again.

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Flue tiles exceed 18" in height. Check out the idea in person before dismissing it.

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

The problem with flue tiles of that size is the weight. Around here, cracked, cut down ones are often buried in the ground to contain aggressive plants like mint. It's a job to get them in place, but the idea is once they are there, it's a fairly permanent installation.

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If you're going to be trolling the web - at least Google chimney flue liners or just chimney flues. If nothing else, the sites will show you sizes, shapes - and would be something to "landscape" around in the same sense a fake rock would be. The more realistic attempts at artificial rocks aren't always cheap, either.

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Is the casing PVC? or PVC inside a metal casing. You'll want something to protect the down-hole portion from being moved or broken not just a decoration.

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velvetfoot(Z5 NY)

In my case, it's in the middle of the lawn, so a car would have to seriously wrong to hit it.

As far as the flue liner, it's personal taste. I still like the gazing ball thing, but I can't my wife on that, and finding a big enough pedestal might be tough. I did find a fake granite birdbath, but the top "stone" looked unnaturally balanced.

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