Mudjacking patio

dinosaur1(5)May 25, 2011

The last 2-3 ft of our 12x12 patio is pitched towards our home. Mudjacking is an option, but I want a cheap fix either. Webhave poured concrete for our basement walla and when it rains water goes down in our basement and goes out where the wall meets the floor.

I found this chart online from some local contractors and it shows the ups and downs, but what should I do? I don't want to have the same issue in a few years.

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Since this is your patio not your house I would be asking a foundation expert to determine if the soil that is under the patio is settling away from the house and mudjacking is the best option


there is the cheap fix of dumping as much sand as possible over a period of a couple of days and redo the patio making it level and seal it off

When you have the foundation expert come to your house ask them which would be better. Water getting into the basement is causing foundation damamge. You should set your humidifer on low after getting the problem solved regardless of season to help keep away mold take suggestions from the expert.

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Basement expert said mudjacking it will fix it 98%. If not then I would have to take basement rec room drywall off and put epoxy injection on to the poured concrete wall where the water comes in.

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