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canadianmagMay 16, 2010

I have this stupid electrical boxes in my front yard. Verizon came in this week and put this tower one in (all because of Fios). Anyway, I thought that my so called hedge would work to make it look appealing 5 years ago but I dont think it is doing the trick. The transformer is a little lower then the rest of my yard and I was thinking to line the edge with landscaping bricks so it is a nice clean edge then pull out the hedge and plant some flowers but that will not cover it (I am in seattle). I went to a landscaping place over the weekend and he sugested builing a trellis around them and plant flowers around. Here is the thing I am a visual person I cannot imagine how this will look. I have spent countless hours looking for pictures. Can anyone help me? My attempt at tehe hedge at the back side of the boxes did not work. I plan to pull out those evergreens and the roses next to the road get big and full in the summer.

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I know what might work. My husband built a trellis around our air conditioner units so they will look more attractive and it will keep them safe from thieves. I promised myself I was going to paint it to match the house...but never did. Anyways, this is what you can do:

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When I first saw the pic... I thought that tower was a trash can! Try painting the orange serial number strip on the unit a more neutral green color, so it doesn't pop like an organce azalea bloom.

As the unit is close to your enntrance, it could be desguised as a pilaster or balaster for your "new" front landing and patio. Something in brick would be nice or a brick veneered removable box... just don't hinder an necessary air cooling vents or degassing ports? for the units operation.

The current landscape design for this vignette, also draws attention to it and this area somewhat. Behind it are the two matching pointy evergreens tha frame this area.

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

You probably aren't allowed to paint out the numbers...are you? I don't think that would do much, regardless. Would you be allowed to put lattice around it and plant a vine on it? Or a couple of trellises flanking it? With some sort of evergreen vine on them? (Don't know what zone you are in...)

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Don't forget that you don't own any of those boxes, the utilities do. Anything you do around them, they are within their legal rights to rip out if they need access to the boxes, and depending on what you do they may not be required to put it back.

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Hi CM,

I agree with marcinde, but check that they put that trash can thing within the utility easement and they put the right type of box in. That thing looks like a Verizon substation and may not be appropriate for your easement. Ask them to put in an underground handhold type unit. They might figure you just won't ask questions or make a complaint. Check with your City Bldg Dept. for the easement details and dimensions. It might be a mistake on their part or so they will claim. JMHO Aloha

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Don't paint over any "non-PCB" type of sticker. If there's a fire the FD will may just let it burn.... if they are not equiped for HazMat fires.

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