Zucchini Death

CardioprimadonaJune 10, 2013

Just last week my zucchini in a sub irrigation planter was pumping out zukes. I have it in an 18 gal container and realized it needed a lot more fertilizer since the soil level dropped 4 inches. It was a huge plant. It had some wilt issues but recovered and was doing well again.

I moved it to the courtyard to be in a cooler location since I have misting.

Seemed okay this morning...but completely gone this afternoon.

If anyone with Earthbox/ container experience can help me avoid this again...I'd be very appreciative.

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looks like it got mildewed and drowned . prob not a good idea to mist any of that family.

what soil is in the pot ?


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Thanks, BZ. It did get drowned by a exploded sprinkler head about 10 days ago. The upper leaves recovered and I was being very careful to only put a quart of fertilizer on the roots at a time. But it would go through over 2 gallons of water a day from the reservoir.

I just got some shade cloth...as soon as I figure out how to rig it up on the patio it will help with those 110 degree days.

Potting soil...used Big Lot's Black Magic (gloried bark) that I amended with lime, coffee grounds, perlite etc. Then I added better quality potting soil with bat guano etc when the roots were showing under the plastic mulch...poor thing,,, it was starving. Monster size.

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dsb22(z7 VA)

This is only my second year with zucchini in an earthbox, so I'm by no means an expert, but I'm confused when you say the soil level dropped four inches, and that you added a quart of fertilizer on the roots at a time. I've never noticed any major soil sinkage with earthboxes. The fertilizer added when an earthbox is set up should be sufficient for the season. Maybe earthtainers are different. My zucchini last year suffered from powdery mildew but it took a while for them to really go down hill, it wasn't an overnight sort of thing.

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My containers are DIY subirrigation planters. Earthboxes are larger. It was only in an 18 gallon container...and part of that is for the reservoir. It grew at an enormous rate...so I figured it was going through nutrients to support that massive growth. It could have been just compacting of the soil...but there was no weight other than the actual plant on it.

Thanks for the input to my mystery, DSB22.

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