Kiwi, Gritty and nurseries

patiogarden_2010June 7, 2011

I made my first 2 batches of gritty... 10gal. each. The first batch 1:1:1 and I re-potted 1 of my male kiwi vines. He's doing well but it drys out in 1 to 2 days in the dry weather we've been having. I just got my female in and I decided on a 5:3:4 for her. Hopefully a little more water retention will be better.

I was also very impressed with the first little mix of gritty I made to test fig cuttings in. I put 2 in gritty and 1 in potting mix/perlite. The gritty developed roots fast and was putting out little feeder roots in no time. Much faster colonization than potting mix.

I also want to give a shout out to the nursery (Edible Landscaping) I bought the new kiwi from. When I took her out of her 1 gallon container she was potted in very course bark and stone (bigger particles than gritty). The roots were incredible and I didn't even worry too much about bare rooting.... I just got all of the peat out (almost no peat in it) and most of the bark and stone.

Thanks Al et al... for educating me..... I'll have to eventually post some pics since potted kiwi is not that common.

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In our business, we have occasion to purchase quite a bit of varying plant material, the majority very young, and I've noticed that several growers are using better mixtures for their rooting or potting.

I've come across varying sizes of fir bark, lots of perlite, some lava and other stone bits... and from one grower, what looks like crushed brick particles in the medium. I'm getting a little more impressed by the various mediums as time goes by.

I've been a strong supporter of Al and his very logical, scientific methods for quite a while, now... and I use the Gritty Mix, or varying renditions of it, almost exclusively for my indoor growing.

I find the better drainage and aeration to be very beneficial for my containerized plants... and for getting quick results in rooting cuttings, as well.

Al knows how indebted to him I am... he's really opened my eyes to how uncomplicated it really is to grow wonderfully healthy plants... from the roots up!

I think a lot of times, we tend to be a bit intimidated by some of the more technical writings in this area, and there's still so much misinformation and myth floating around... one doesn't think in terms of the gardening industry being only for profit, but it differs little from any other. Repeat sales at any cost.

Anyway... just a shout out, I guess, along with yours... to Al, and to everyone who has made a difference, or is making a difference, in the wonderful world of growing! :-)

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I'm in Maryland as well and this "Spring" has been so strange. We had weeks of rain and now we're in the hottest weather spell we've had in years. I've had to water my recently repotted citrus practically every day. They're in gritty as well but I've been trying to at the very least get the leaves wet and get a little water in the planting medium every morning.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Well said, Jodi!

Btimber, the Gritty Mix does require more watering at first, as you've noticed.
As the roots colonize the entire mix, the moisture levels will begin to stabilize.


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