I am so ashamed

martinca_gwMay 31, 2013

Ashamed to have not solvd this issue on my own. I study my Sunset Garden book, visit nurseries and still the need is glaring at me. I feel so stooopid! The stumper for me is the lighting that goes from medium light shade, to filtered sun , to a very brief afternoon period of full sun. Posting photos so you can see , like a zillion others, ( sorry) i'm seeking a privacy fix.
Yes, perfect for a Jap. Maple, but they can be tricky in my zone 10 ( western 24), So. Ca. , 5 miles from ocean....also, too slow growing for this grandmom, and deciduous.
Please help. Again, i apologize for askng :>/

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So your house is lower than your neighbors & you get to see them out on deck in whatever? Not what I would want to see. You seem to have a slope, is that correct? Also I'm guessing that is neighbor's stuff growing over wall down to your property. The experts here probably could use a pic of full side of your yard & measurement of how wide up to the fence. Then they would have something to go on to judge what might work. Looking at it as is I could only think of something couple of feet out to block your window view, like a trellis covered with vines. So help these folks out by giving them more to go on!! Then I think you will get a good response!

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Thank you suuny! Hope the pic shows that the privacy loss ( new owners removed a tree , along with gorgeous, healthy little gem magnolia) is felt all along that side of our property...not merely from inside, which would be a far easier fix. Yes, a Fairly gentle slope that runs along that side from 10 to 8 feet wide. The ivy is mine. I know many abhor it....i like it. I dream of making that side a charming shady go-to place , and have lots of inspiration pics. Lacking the privacy due to balcony above makes that unrealistic
for now. The big tree is a 30 year old alder. Not great or my choice, but a big tree I'd hate to lose. Hopfully someone has an idea or two!

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It's the lighting that stumps me: mostly shady, some late afternoon moments of sun, some of filtered light. Must consider our neighbors as well..... No nuisance droppings, etc. Hopefully,, the alder roots won't prove a problem.

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Martin, shouldn't the ground cover/grass be *under* the tree? LOL

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Hi patty cakes. Huh? C mon, i wanna lol, too.

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all the pics are upside down

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

I am in the same zone as you.

I think you would be better served with a better set of photos of your yard (and the right way up-sorry to be picky)

But, looks to me like you have some kind of tree that your neighbor is keeping cleared probably to let light in their yard and a lot of ivy. Guessing the neighbor is trimming the ivy to the top of the wall on their side. That is going to make it really tough to grow much on what looks like a slope to boot.

But, you might consider making some kind of block retaining wall (stack block would work because you do not need too tall) and see if you can find some fast growing but not super invasive shade friendly bamboo or a low palm that can fill the view zone at a local nursery. I would skip the box stores and look for a local nursery and bring your better set of photos. Guessing anything too close to the neighbors side of the wall will get trimmed, so you might want your plantings far enough away you can control the pruning.

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Sorry about the upside down view....ipads do that sometimes....hate it and no idea how to correct. Thank you for your response.

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