Flower suggestions for strawberry pots?

zarbiya123June 22, 2007

I just found a couple of strawberry pots at a garage sale... about 20 inches high. Am allergic to strawberries and wondering what kinds of flowers I could plant in them-- I live in Florida, so I need suggestions for plants that do well in hot, humid weather. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I have a large strawberry pot with flowers.
This year I planted Phlox & Stocks (say it 5x fast-LOL!)

Last year, I had it filled with Torenia-

In 2005, it was Million Bells-

Same in 2004 - with marigolds in the top-

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Beautiful displays! Those give me some good ideas... Anyone else?

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WOW. Just beautiful!!!

I've done 2 strawberry pots - one with impatiens and one with hens and chicks. I had the darndest time keeping the water from seeping out the holes. I just got some used strawberry pots that are more squat than tall. Hope these work better for me.

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It's too late for you to do this now, but keep it in mind for next year.
Take a piece of PVC pipe about the length as the pot is tall. My pot is about 23" tall. I used a pipe about an inch in diameter, but it all depends on the size (width) of your pot. Put a cap on one end. (both the pipe & cap are readily available at any hardware store, Home Depot, Lowes, etc) Drill holes along the length - about an inch or so apart. (imagine the pipe is square & drill holes on each "side")
When you're going to plant your pot, add soil in the bottom of the pot then place the pipe in the middle as you add more soil.
I usually plug the top end with a paper towel so it doesn't fill with dirt as I'm filling the pot.
I leave at least an inch sticking out at the top. It will get hidden by the plants.
Once everything is planted, remove the towel & water.

When you water, direct some of the water into the pipe. It will seep out through the holes in the sides so the plants in the lower holes will get water without it running down and out thru the holes in the pot.

As you can see, my pot's holes are more cup shaped which makes it easier as well.
My mother has a clay one with the flat holes. We did the same with hers & it worked out well.

Much easier & much neater.

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Okay, here are my first attempts at the strawberry pots... On the one with the red and orange flowers, I was just trying to get the hang of it, and I broke a few. Here's hoping they'll stay alive...

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Very nice!
I love the pots! Great find!

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Nice job on your pots Zarbiya. Did you use that great tip from outofspite. I love it and can't wait to use it.

? for OOS...larger holes at the top of the tubing and smaller holes at the bottom or were all holes drilled the same size?

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Didn't try the tip from outofspite, but will next year-- sounds like a great idea!

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mjny - the holes are all the same size.
I suppose you could do diferent sizes.

Unless of course you're like me... too lazy to be changing drill bits.

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