HAVE: Blue balloon flower, rose campion

ms_minnamouse(7a)July 21, 2012

Some people have been extremely generous and I'd like to pass on the kindness by offering some plants for postage.

I have blue balloon flower and rose campion to offer for postage. I probably also have some Moy Grande hardy hibiscus that I can throw in and maybe a couple of other things. Either way, I'll stuff the boxes.

I have enough for three people.

$10.85 flat rate for a bigger box or $5.15 flat rate for a smaller box.

Please post here so people know when they're taken and then email me.

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I would love a box! Thank you for offering your plants.

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Oh my GOODNESS!!! Me, me, me, Jumping up and down and grinning like the Cheshire Cat;0)

I'd LOVE the bigger bos. do you have Paypal, and I LOVE Moy Grande Hibiscus, that has been on my want list for a L...O...N...G time :0) Oh yeah!!!
Sharon Cash
Zone 7

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Wow I Hope you still have some of these for me!! I'd like a $10.85 box as well, but if you only have the $5.15 left that's ok too :)

Please let me know so I can get a money order to you asap...thanks bunches

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nance(6 KY)

Love to have one either size.

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If you have anything left I`d love to have some,(especially the hibiscus)but I`d be sooo grateful for whatever you can share!!!!!

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The three boxes have been taken. Thanks.

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