help with back yard/patio design!

diybmoreMay 30, 2012


i need help designing a new patio/seating area in my back yard. this is a 12 x 13 rectangle between my back door and an addition on the house. most of it is in heavy shade, except for a bit by the house, and the ground is all tree roots--nothing grows, not even weeds--with a small patch of sunken, uneven old stone patio. the border of it, by the house, was previously home to 7 (!) giant, out of control yews, which we chopped down to about 1 foot.

behind this space is a concrete pad patio, which is also sunken and uneven with terrible drainage. the whole area is continually littered with twigs, leaves etc, from surrounding trees.

my fantasy is to turn this spot into a seating/barbecue area, since it abuts the back, kitchen door. Wood decking would probably be ideal but that's out of our budget :( The kinds of things that *are* in our budget might be adding some edging, filling in with crushed stone and flagstones, or making new plantings, or putting in raised beds, e.g. But i'm really stumped as to how to lay it out and what to do about the chopped down yews, and the old concrete pad, and the old stone patio that's already there. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Pics are on the link.

Many thanks in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful: back yard/patio

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Looking at close-up pictures of dirt from varying angles is not much help for designing landscape. You need a picture that shows how this area relates to the house. I suggest you back up a little and take a picture that shows the area and some space at all sides of it in a single shot.

Also, it will work much better if you post the picture directly in the thread. Here's how...

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Thank you Yaardvark. I took some new pics and posted anew!

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diybmore, since you've started another thread on this project, I'd declare this one dead and put all the focus on the other.

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