How far away from foundation should shrubs be planted?

sfsuperstarMay 10, 2007

Hi all, I'm installing some foundation plantings (thanks to everyone's input!), and I'm wondering what the guideline is for how far away from the foundation they should be. I don't want them "floating" out there forever, but I don't want them smooshed up against the wall when full grown. If a shrub says it grows 3-4 feet wide, should I plant it exactly 1/2 that distance from the wall? And should you use the smaller end of the range when doing that math? Thanks!

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saypoint(6b CT)

You want to leave a bit of space when the plant is mature so that it's not rubbing up against the house. If you will need to get back there to paint, or wash windows, or whatever, leave even more space. Having to hack away at a shrub to keep it within the space you've alloted for it often spoils the plant's natural shape unless you are going for a trimmed hedge anyway.

Plants continue to grow, the height and width given on plant labels and descriptions usually refers to the size at a particular age, like 5 years or 10 years. In time they will likely exceed that size, how much depends on the plant.
You can use the label's sizes as a guide.

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

I generally tell people no closer than 4 feet. This gives you two feet to pass between the house and shrub even if the shrub only matures at 4 feet wide, and also gets the shrubs out from under most overhangs. As the shrub grows, no one will see those two feet, and the house will have proper air circulation as well. Larger shrubs should, of course, be set much farther out.

I often plant perennials between shrubs and remove them as the shrubs grow.

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great info, thanks! i had no idea they should be so far away from the house!

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