trouble with bare root strawberries?

minnesotakidJune 2, 2011

I planted 60 bare root strawberries going on 3 weeks now!

I see no greening or nothing? Do they take a while? I bought 4 different kind from walmart all everberring. I thought that i would have seen some life by now? How long do they take. I watched many youtube video's to make sure i didn't bury the crown and planted them correctley,please help! Thanks

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Well if you planted them here I am not surprised, as we are not up to 70 degrees yet and have not seen the sun for more than an hour or two at a time. Just where are you? Al

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LawPaw(5 (old zone 4) NC Iowa)

I'm assuming you're in Minnesota. I live in Minneapolis and planted 50 bare root strawberries mid-April, half june-bearning and half ever-bearing with a few of each in a container.

My june-bearing strawberries took 2-4 weeks to show much green. My everbearing began showing green in 1.5-2 weeks (those are Ogallala). Oddly enough, my container strawberries broke into life first and are WAY ahead of the in-ground strawberries.

Have you kept their root zone wet but not too wet? We've seen some heat and a good deal of sun the last couple of weeks.

What is your soil like? Strawberries like sandy-soil and I've noticed that they can spend a good deal of time working out their roots if the soil isn't properly tilled and loosened for them (worked up soil at least 2x their root zone).

I had a few plants I thought were dead that decided to come to life about 5 weeks after planting.

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