some pics of containers from VB...

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaJune 13, 2011

Hello Everyone...

Just wanted to post some pics of my trees that i repotted in the "Gritty Mix..." My Dr's love it as well as some of my C&S are happy in the Gritty mix too!

Thanks Al..I now have the mix ready...ill post a pic of the three ingredients for all to see!! Im so glad to have it down now...thanks again to you for all of your help!!!

Check out all of the trees in the "Gritty Mix.." They are some happy plants and trees!!!

My DR's are showing signs of blooming..

My C&S are very happy...

My Plumeria are really happy.

Some pics of my Salmon Brugs...

others pics, just for fun!!!

Hope you enjoy...

Gift from a very nice person who loves citrus!!! Thank You MIke... I lvie it!!! Before i repotted it...

After i repotted it in the "gritty Mix.."

pic of the plumies being shaded from the intence heat..i dont like the look..but it works...ill take it down once the temps adjust... (The white liner...)

we lost a Huge Old Oak several weeks ago durung a huge storm was a huge tree...this little guy didnt want to pose for his mom..but i thought he looked reaklly cute....

here are pics of my mix for the Gritty...

Mixed together...

Pic of my son and his dog...wanted to show you all the palms too! The dog's name is "Savannah"

The greenhouse...

Take care everyone...

Laura in VB

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newgen(9 Central California)

Wow, beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. Tell me more about the greenhouse, how big is it? What material, is it polycarbonate? All your plumies go in there in the winter? What's the white liner material, I assume it's plastic?


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Wow, Laura! I'm so blown away by your beautiful plants and yard! What a wonderful photo collection, thank you so much for sharing! :-)

What a shame to lose such a giant, majestic Oak... I trust no one, and nothing of importance, was harmed by its falling... no buildings, etc? It does look like it had a hollow area, so that probably increased its chances of falling. That was an old, old tree. Homeowner's should compensate. We lost one like that when I was younger... it came down in a bad storm, in my parents' yard. It had the perfect limb for our tire swing. I remember Mom calling their insurance company about it. It was quite a loss.

Nice family and yard photos, too! I'm struck by the blue of the pool, the palm trees, how nice your Gritty Mix looks, and by the wonderful plants and flowers you grow!

A couple of your Adeniums resemble little people... one looks like a person with tiny arms, and another looks like a photo of a little person taken from behind! ;-) They're really cute! One day, I'll grow one of those. I just want to find the right seeds to start, with a good flower color.

By the way... I moved my two Plumie cuttings out to the greenhouse earlier in the season, and they're both doing tremendously well! One has grown some really nice leaves! The smaller of the two is starting to grow little leaves, also! Thank you so much! I'll have to post photos...

I need to email you about some stuff, too... I've got cuttings rooting as we speak... :-)

Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures, Laura! I enjoyed them immensely!

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Laura!! Wow and everything Jodik said!lol

No kidding! Your plants show just what you are capable of doing with the knowledge that you have and the mixes you have decided to use! Just amazing Laura!
How about that little tree? It made me smile so to see what you have done with it. He has a nice spot to be near and it only makes me a bit jealous, but still excited to see. Look at all those beautiful flowers surrounding that nice looking pool.
Your yard reminds me of the pool area of some kind of Resort. Can I come and spend some time there of what seems to be much better weather than I get? I see empty chairs.

I wish I could say the same for my DR:-(. I will tell you about that later.

I am just taken back by the picture of that Ponderosa Laura. It means a lot to me to see you invest such high quality care into it, such as a few of my other friends have done to theirs here.

My Mom says the last DR pictures reminds her of someones naked

All those DR's look like they all have their distinct characteristics and personalities.

Love the other pictures too. They are all so very nice. Look the big flowers on your Plumies. I haven't got enough hot sun to open up the inflo that has been sitting at the top of mine for over 3 months!

Thank you for sharing these pictures. It was a labor of love and I am sure we all sense that. Now we have Jojo, Jodik, Josh and many others taking us by the hand and walking us about their yards this year. I love it!


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Laura, lovely pics, thanks for sharing. Your gritty mix looks so perfect, do you do the screening yourself or someone helps you with that;)

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I know, right?! Laura's yard is like an expensive resort/spa that you'd vacation at! I'm a bit jealous of the pool and palm trees... I wish I could have those things here! :-)

But then... people south of us wish they could grow Lilacs and Peonies and other things that require a cold dormancy, so we're really about even... we always want what others have, and they always want what we have! :-)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone..


Thanks for the comments...Yes the greenhouse is polycarbonate. This will be the first season to use it..The name brand is called Sun Glow..i really like it but i cant use it here during the summer..if you look close, you can see that the temps on the therom. It is buried at 120* I do have some shade cloth to put over it...Need to get that done...I knew that the summers would be to hot..but i wanted it for the purpose of my storing my Plumies...most will go in the greenhouse and some will be placed in the house again for the winter... The liner is from Lowes...i did remove them this afternoon again..temps have been steady at 80-85..not like the 100degree days last week..the liner just slips on and off...its a durable shelf liner that is very flexible..I can get the brand if you want ..let me know..i really like it because i can reuse is what they look like after i took the liner off my pots...

Hi Jodi!!!

Those Dr's do resemble little people..LOL they all eem to have a different personality....

Noone was injured by the big did come down in a large field and no damage to property we are thankful!!!

Thank you for the nice comments Jodi, you are so kind to say those nice things....I'm very happy with my Gritty Mix. My plants really enjoy the change over to this wonderful mix...thank you for all of you rhelp as i tried to get all of my all are really helpful!!! I enjoy learning from everyone here on this forum..

Glad to hear that your PLumies are doing well!! Did that inflo stay on as it was rooting? I hope it did!!! so glad that you enjoyed all of the pics...You are so right about the different areas that we all live in... that is why we love to see photos of what everyone likes to grow.... you all up north have some real beautiful things that we cant grow...grass is always greener....LOL Love to see your Pics... i always feel moved by the beauty of your Roses...
and all of your gorgeous things that you grow...Pretty work!!!

Hi MIke...You know you can always come and visit the yard and sit by the pool anytime!!!

I love my Ponderosa....SHe is so happy in the new mix and seems to have adjusted very nicely!!! You are so kind to send me this wonderful little gift...Thank You again for my "little Rosa..." lol

Wanted to send you another view of my littlr it does look like the "backside" of someone...They are all so funny looking..I decided to cut some of them back, they really needed a good trim...i was nervous about doing it, but with the support of was done this afternoon... here is another view of the small Dr..LOL!!

i cant wait to see some of your pics...your trees and plants are always have such beauties!!

Hi Kandhi... thank you for the compliments on the mix...I do my own screening and mixing...I basically do all of the work in the yard except for mowing the The screens that i have were made this Winter... they are quite large and heavy, but work great... I make about eight gallons at a time...i store all of the different screened ingredients in 3 gallon buckets..then i mix as needed.... LOL...wouldnt it be nice to have someone to make the mix for us? We would all be happy campers if that would happen!!!

How are your trees doing? Is your Divine doing better? My DIvine is always has three inflos!! Cant wait to see piccs of your trees and containers...i love what you do with your yard and deck!!

Take care everyone...


I hope everyone has a healthy growing season!!!

Laura in VB

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That's the one, Laura! It's so cute! It looks like a little person with short little arms and a rather curvy derriere! It's adorable! :-) Even the green and flowers look like it's hair or a hat!

I really have to try growing an Adenium. I keep putting off buying some seeds, but I'm gonna have to look again and decide on a flower color. Those are too cute!

I'm thrilled that my two Plumie cuttings have survived and look to be rooting nicely, judging by the top growth. I still have them both in clear soda bottle bottoms so I can see how the roots are coming along. So far, I see more top growth than anything through the plastic, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. I'm not sure if there's an inflo... it looks like just leaves growing so far, but the leaves are healthy and nice!

I did get a picture of them, but I haven't dumped it off the camera yet. I've been too busy to sit down and work with photos, but I can see I need to... before my documentation of the gardens gets away from me, and I have too many to go through and upload to my album.

I'm also in the middle of planting companions in the new rose beds... Iris and Daylily plants, some Veronica and Lavender, Coneflowers in various colors... and I've also been taking cuttings like crazy, trying to get the rooting started in various sequences.

Anyway... I'll see what I can do about pictures... I should dedicate some time to that tomorrow.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Wanted to share a few more Plumeria blooms...

I just had the first blooms on my Gardenia ..The fragrance is just wonderful!! I really love these !!!

Have a great day... : )

Laura in VB

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Very nice and summery! ;)


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Lovely Plumies, and the Gardenia is gorgeous! I just looked at some of those yesterday... we visited our local garden center to see what they had.

I couldn't believe the price tags on everything. Highway robbery! If the citrus trees had looked better, I might have purchased one, but they were in sad shape, and so expensive! Even the little dwarf Banana trees were over $40. I can't justify such high cost for such young and sad looking plants.

But I did get a chance to sniff the Gardenias, so I know exactly how nice that bloom smells, Laura! And I did happen to find a very large bag of coarse perlite for a reasonable cost. It wasn't a wasted trip.

Thanks for sharing... I keep meaning to get my photo work done, and I end up putting it off... I worked out in the hot sun for half the day, screening fir bark and making medium, and I'm too exhausted to play around with Adobe tonight. Soon... I'll try for soon. ;-)

I did get a lot of plants re-potted today, though... Japanese Maples, Scented Geranium stock plants, a bunch of rose youngsters, and about a dozen young, fancy Viburnum plants. Tomorrow I tackle more cuttings, and screening more fir bark. Oh, and I have to start getting some more companion plants into the rose beds. A gardener's work is never done!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

How do you get away with posting R-rated photos on a gardening forum!? :-)

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the pics. Thanks for sharing! Everything looks really happy, so I know you're doing a good job!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone...


I will have extra cuttings of my are more than welcome to have one of my moms "Old Fashioned.." if you would like...Let me know!!! I have some good size ones...

Im looking forward to seeing the pics of the yellow Noid that i sent to you..ill post a pic with an emerging inflo so you can look to see if its still i recall. the one that i sent has one developing.. Keep my fingers crossed that its still ther..hard to see, but i remember it had extra gift for you!! If it continues to grow!!!

Ill post another pic of the DR woman with flowers in her hair...she has been quite the topic of converstioan here at my house!!! LOL..

Hey Al...glad to see you around!!! I understand you have been very busy with alot of things happening with your famuily, i hope that you are at peace and have been able to relax in your garden...this is a wonderful time to get lost in the beauty of our yards!!! little young beauty looks like she is ready to hit the beaches of Cannes or somewhere on the French Riviera!! LOL...I hope i dont get a message from the garden web..for a " R " rated picture..LMAO!!!

I wonder how these cute little DR's take on so many different shapes...i did cut back some of the other DR's ...ill post some other pics of them soon..

Take care and thank you for all of the great advice that you give to me and to others here...Much appreciated as always!!!

Take care everyone..

Laura in VB

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Jodik...some more blooms for you...Hibiscus and Rain Lilly.. also is some pics of a newly emerging inflo. This way you can check and see if your is still there...

Beside the greenhouse is my Plumeria Nursery..lots of new cuttings rooting... : )

Take care..

one more shot for Mike and SIssy!!! LOL..

Laura in VB

My DR's after a hair cut!!

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My!! Those poor frogs. It's looks like they are going the wrong way to the pool! lol

Mom and I are looking at these pictures together and just wanted to thank you for thinking of us. What a beautiful set of pictures and look at ALL those inflo's!

Did you use the egg method for those? If so, I am

Hello Al!!! It is so good to see you back. I am so sorry again for what you are going through. You have our love and sympathy along with many thank you's for being our dear friend.

Hello gang. I hope everyone is well. It has been a long day of work although under the weather. I hope I can post a pic soon of one of my plumes..;-)
Jodi: I'll pray you have a pain free day tomorrow. You are very muted loved here at my home.

Have a great night and thank you again for this winder thread Laura!


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Jodi: You are very MUCH loved here at my home.

Have a great night and thank you for such a WONDERFUL thread Laura!

Sorry for the misspelled words. I guess my auto spelling is putting words in that make no sense tonight besides the fact my eyes are giving out:-)


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

HI Mike..

I wanted to let you know that i did try the rooting experiment with two different cuttings in the same with and one without...both were slow to root and i didnt see any significant change with the ....

Although, i have heard different thoughts on this method, i have tried and probably will try again. All of the other 20+ cuttings that i am currently rooting are in the light mix, without...

I am glad you and Sissy got a chuckle form the "Lady" LOL
She is one that has caught the attention of many!! : )

Hope all is well with you up in MA...My mom has a reunion sometime in i might be heading up to Boston sometime in the fall..

Take care everyone...

Laura in VB

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Hi everybody, long time lurker first time poster here!

Laura, your containers look amazing and while I've been intrigued to try a little gritty mix for some of my own containers, actually finding the materials as been a real challenge.

With that, is there any chance that you would share your source(s) with someone in your neck of the woods?

-David (whose looking for an excuse to stick a tropical hibiscus in a pot...)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi David!!

Welcome to the forum!!!

Wonderful to see a fellow VB gardener here on the web!!!

I would be very happy to share with you all of the places that i gather my ingredients..

Va. Beach Feed and Seed on Newtown Rd. has Turface (50lb size bgs), Grani-Grit (crushed granite) Growers size. They also sell really large size bags of Perlite...(i have two huge bags, so if you need some let me know before you buy the Perlite..) If your going to make the 5-1-1.

The Pine Bark Fines were very hard to locate after several (many places) i decided to go with the Reptibark from PetSmart (Fir Bark0 )...I buy the large size bags. You can watch when they go on sale and save quite a bit.

Let me know if i can be any help to you in the making of the mix...i can honestly say that when you see all of the ingredients come together to make the Gritty Mix, you will be very excited. The plants and trees that you place into the mix will be really happy as well...

If you decide to use the Foilage Pro, I had to order mine on line...its very hard to find here in VB..

Hope this helps you!!!

Good Luck David..

Laura in VB

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Sweet, thanks for the quick reply!

Gotta get out to VB Feed & Seed and PetSmart then...I'm also knee deep in Perlite so no worries there : )

I'm thinking the 5-1-1 is the way to go for my veggie containers but I gotta look through some of Al's (and others) posts before I commit.

And thanks for answering my next question before I asked: Do you use the Foliage Pro?

I won't ask how you like it, the pictures say it all!!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

David...I love the Foilage Pro!!!

Laura in VB

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dave...did u get the ingredients at VB Feed and Seed?

Just checking on the status of ur search!!!

Hope all is well with everyone... : )

Happy Forth to all...

Laura in VB

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I'm in Portsmouth. I just posted my sources for composted Pine Bark Fines in the Gardening in Virginia forum. I skip the peat, which I dislike, and add mushroom compost and leaf mold until I have a mix of textures that my plants like, which is probably 20% fine. I grow mostly vegetables (just tomatoes right now) and other annuals, though I've managed to keep some perennials going the last few years.

My garden is subject to the whims of my poor health, and my husband's time to help, so I'm thrilled to get any production. I had to switch to containers, and finding the 5-1-1 formula made that work. I've had a very late start this year - thus the late posting of PBF sources - but I keep plugging away, working when I can, slowly adding things. My garden is small and disorganized, kind of the opposite of Laura's gorgeous yard, but I think all gardens are great. There's a way for every gardener to grow something; whether we have a lot of time and space, or a little, doesn't matter when you love it.

Laura's picture of pine bark looks like the larger parts of what I use - you sieve it to have more coarse bits for the gritty mix, right ? I'm thinking of that for my Kleim's Gardenia and Jasmine plants. I can get grit at Norfolk County Feed and Seed. Do you have to order Foliage Pro online, or is it carried locally ?

And Laura, I love your yard pics ! My condolences on your tree - we were so sad to lose a huge Atlas Blue Cedar this year, but at least we found some artists who will use the wood, which is satisfying.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Colleen,

You are close to me living in Portsmouth!! We have been having some really hot temps lately...Whew!!!

I would love to know where u find your Pine bark Fines...I have been looking for a long time and went with using Fir bark (Reptibark) from Petsmart when i make my gritty mix. I actually use a 1/4 inch screen when i make my mix. I use the smaller pieces that fall throught the 1/4 inch screen. the larger pieces that are not used for the gritty mix, i add to the top of my Plumeria Containers. I like the look of the fir bark and the Plumies like the cover to protect the roots that may be exposed to the hot sun. Instead of using them in the beds are somewhere else, i just sprinkle those pieces that aren't used for the gritty mix.

All of our gardens love what ever attention that we can give them. Sometimes even when we cant go outside and work when our bodies wont let us, we sometimes find the strenght to do a little at a time. Even that makes me happy just to get something done whenever my body doesnt feel up to it. Any production is a positive, so keep up the good work!!! Small gardens are wonderful too! I like the look of all gardens, they all have different looks and i bet yours looks beautiful as well!! You are so right...all gardens are great!! Thats what we love and this is what gives me peace after a long day at work!!!

I have made the 5-1-1 for some of my containers, but i seem to find that i like the gritty mix the best for most of my containers.

Foliage Pro is difficult to find around here. I did order it on line. This is a wonderful Fertilizer that seems to be liked by all of my trees/plants. I did buy the gallon size so i will have it for awhile!!!

The large Oak was from down the street. We had that bad storm that produced tornados last month and the whole Oak came down near the Park on Great Neck Rd. I'm glad you did fine someone to use the wood on your Cedar, i bet u were really upset losing that beauty of a tree. Knowing that someone will continue to use it will always make you feel better!

Take care Colleen,

Thank you for all of your kind comments!!!

Laura in VB

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