Need ideas for our Sloped yard

dayglow_2000May 22, 2011

Hi! I am SO excited to have found this forum, as I have a front yard that needs some help! It is on a slope, and is sinking slightly at the bottom of the stairs, which makes that first step very high. There are only cement squares for steps, which I think I'd like to change. We would really love to keep lawn there, not too interested in covering it with shrubs or rock, but right now the lawn on the top of the hill is always quite dry. Would it be worth putting in a retaining wall to level it out? The other problem with it is that the lawn on the "hump" is infested with ants! I would really appreciate any feedback!

(PS - I don't know how to post a picture!)

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

dayglow_2000, you'll find instructions on how to post photos at the second post on this thread:

When you go to Preview Message, what you see there is exactly what will show up in your final post. If the pictures show up there, you're fine: they'll show up in your post. If the pictures don't show up, go back and try again: you've missed something.

If you post a link, click on it in Preview Message to make sure it works and goes where you intended.

Good luck!

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karinl(BC Z8)

The ant infestation is likely a side effect of the area being dry. But often I find ants are here one year, there the next... it is rarely a perennial problem.

If you want to change the dryness but keep it lawn, you could certainly do some grade changes, with or without a retaining wall, or possibly pay attention putting the right kind of grass there, some grasses may be more drought-tolerant than others.

Do post some photos to get more ideas.


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