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chefaid90(5)April 18, 2012

ok I have a total of 8 10'x4' plots almost ready to go. Now I need help figure out what to put in what plots. I have 2 rows of 4 plots. I know people say to put some items to the north and that but not sure what to put where. I am planting tomatoes (2 plots) peppers (2 plots) lettuce, cucumbers, zuccini one is gonna be a mix of herbs (basil, green onions, oregano, and a few others. also gonna be adding another row of plots later for corn.

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opps mistake its beans in the first new rows being added and another plot of corn will be added later than that.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Put you tallest plants an the north side so that they don't shade the shorter ones.

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I say put the tallest (tomatoes and cucumbers) in the middle. The shorter heat and sun loving plants (zuchinni and squash) go south/west. The plants that like a little shade and cooler afternoons go to the north/east (lettuce, onions, oregeno).

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I lay my beds out with paper and pencil first noting any trees, bushes, structures and north south east west. While I don't usually follow it strictly I find it helps alot.

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