Want to share your front yard garden pics?

slr8May 7, 2010

I have been pulling out old shrubs and replacing them with new ones. I bought two whipcords and need ideas about where to plant them. I was wondering if you would like to share your front yard garden pictures so that I can get some ideas. I would especially love to see how you have incorporated whipcord into your gardens. Mine is landscaped with the lava rock which is not my personal favourite, but too much work to get rid of it so if you have pics of how you have gardened with rock, that would be great!

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Go for a walk around where you live, take the camera.

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slr8, I think it would be wonderful if the Professional Landscape Designers on this forum would post pics of their own properties. I think this could be very inspirational for all of us to see how these knowledgeable people actually landscape their own homes. However I've never seen this happen.

I have no idea what a whipcord (tree/shrub/perennial) looks like and you may not get much response on this especially since you have not posted a pic of your yard. Really difficult to advise without a pic.

IMO there is no "too much work" involved in getting rid of lava rock. I once hired my kids and their friends to bag some ugly large cedar mulch chunks the previous owner had used in the front beds. Win-win situation - the kids got some extra spending money and a few bags of ugly mulch disappeared from my garden.

Since I have a curious nature I googled for pics of whipcord and this is what came up. I still have no idea what you bought.

Here is a link that might be useful: landscaping with whipcord

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

Not a pro...but here are pics from my front yard. I doubt the pros will post pics...The Village Idiots changed their terms of service awhile back and now anything posted technically belongs to them. Not a problem for me...but potentially a BIG problem for a pro.

ANYHOO--here are some pictures!

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Well, I took Inkognito's advice and took a walk around the block but it seems that many house have limited landscaping and have either overgrown large shrubs like what we had going, or they have ripped out everything and just have perennials, no shrubs.

Luckygal, great idea in hiring kids to do the work. I work at a school and I could hire some of the students to work in my yard. You did find the whipcord pics. What we decided to do is plant a barberry just behind it in a yellow colour to make the whipcords stand out. I am going to fill in with hostas and heuchera to allow for years of change and growth that isn't too permanent.

Mjsee, what a gorgeous yard. Sheesh! I wish I had the trees and shade that you have! That is just amazing! I really like your stone features. What an amazing additive to the plants and trees you have. I am impressed. Japanese maples, hostas, heucheras and ferns, oh my!

I would be very embarrassed to show any pictures right now. I am not a professional and what we have done in the front yard or have not yet done isn't something I want to show off. LOL We are actually replacing the lawn this year because the weeds have gotten way out of control. There is a garden that I am giving up on and replacing with lawn instead. That being said, perhaps later in the season I will be able to be proud enough of our changes that I will post. The before and after pics would show the work we have done this year. Years to come, it will get better and better.

Thanks for sharing your pics and advice everyone. I hope my yard can look half as nice as yours!

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

And here I spend all my time whining about not enough sun because I want more roses and such. The hostas are few and far between...only as many as I can keep sprayed. Stupid deer.

It's not like the yard has ALWAYS looked like that. Some of those stone walls were there when we bought the place...as was the walk, but the patio and the HUGE stone wall were not. Plus all the existing planting beds and "lawn area" were waist deep in microstegium vinimeum when we moved in.

I don't have any pics of when we just moved in...but here is a before of the failing garden wall we replaced with the honking big stone wall...notice the LOVELY white landscape rock and black plastic:

And here it is the summer before the wall failed:

So...it all takes time. I've been working on the front garden for almost 14 years...I plan to start the backyard this year.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I'm a retired pro. Check out My Page.
It's probably not relevant though. Different climate and different size.

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

Hey, Mike...want to come to NC and help me figure out what to do with all these Japanese Maples that keep following me home? I got three more babies (and two of 'em are REAL babies...one gallon pots) yesterday.

I covet your yard. And, at times, your climate...though I think it would be a little too chilly for me much of the time. Those ferns are to DIE for.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

mjsee, I'd LOVE to come to NC! Never have been anywhere close. The closest I have been is Jacksonville, Atlanta, St. Louis, and Washington DC. That's not close.
I have a friend from Ashville and he talks about it all the time.

I love Japanese Maples, but am not a collector of the named varieties. With my appreciation of them, I'd go broke in no time satisfying my compulsion. I treat them as a loose 'groundcover' with mostly evergreen shrubs beneath them to keep the winter bones. Deciduous shrubs play a background role. Evergreen groundcovers tie it all together.

As far as our maritime climate goes, When it's cool during the winter, the humidity is high, making it seem warmer when working outside. When it's warm, during the summer, it's dry and the humidity is usually low. Rarely is it too cold or too hot to work. Can't beat that!

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mjsee, what a difference. Good job. 14 years, eh? Well, I have been in this house for five years and we have worked so hard on the backyard and only just started the front last year. So I have some years to go. I think what I have planned for the front will be ok. I am no professional by any means but honestly, the neighbourhood is modest in planting. This allowed us to choose some unique plants/trees/shrubs that no one has planted. This way we stand out a little but not too much. We planted a Weeping Larch, and some of the whipcords. We also have a weeping peabush and a cute standard Korean Lilac. I really like it so far, but I have to wait for things to grow.

Mike, I would love to see more of your yard. It is just amazing. Wow, I am pretty envious, in a nice way. I like my area, but it is pretty boring in comparison. How lovely it must be to sit outside and have a drink. It is paradise. Can't say that I feel like that in my yard, but I do love gardening. Your picture looks like a painting. Wow.

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

Mike...I've got a spare room...though Asheville is a bit of a hike from here. (3 1/2 hours or so.) ;^)

Japanese maples are, indeed, an expensive addiction. Luckily I have some self-restraint...and not much spare cash until The Boy graduates.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

slr8, that picture was accused of being a painting on the Garden picture forum. I take it as a compliment. I was a little irked at first though.
You can see more of my garden on my home page. Thanks for the compliment.
mjsee, I remember when you started on that wall. Wow! What an improvement.
Ninety percent of my maples are seed grown and selected for good traits from there. It's a matter of time vs money. I've always had more time than money.

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Well, it's quite beautiful, Mike. Time...hmmm, what's that? Did I mention I have a toddler and an infant in the house? I am lucky that we get the lawn cut. LOL. Money, hmmm...did I mention I am on maternity leave? Well, there will come a time. I have created something simple in the front yard and due to time and money, it isn't spectacular. But I will be patient and I will do a little at a time. Thanks to everyone who posted here for me.

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