Dog ran through asparagus patch

DanielleOH(5)April 18, 2012

Hi all. I was wondering what the consequences of this will be. I am watching my brother's dog and after being told multiple times to stay out of my flowers and asparagus bed, he runs full tilt through my asparagus bed and flowers. As a result, he broke off the tips of several asparagus stalks (from 5 or 6 different crowns). The tips were all only 1-3 inches long. I planted 2 year old crowns last year and did not harvest anything. I was hoping to get something this year, but not sure how this incident will effect my crop and my ability to harvest. Thanks.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Hmmm, I not sure about the aspargus, I'm just lightly harvesting my first crop this year. I did lose the first spears to a sudden freeze and they still seem to be growing, but I had decided not to harvest from those plants affected.

But as for the dog, it takes serious training to teach them boundaries like "out of the garden", to them it is just more ground, more green stuff, more shrubbery to bound through. You can't just tell a dog to not run through your garden and expect him to have the foggiest notion what you mean. :) Try having his favorite squeaky toy on hand and if he heads towards the garden call him and squeak it and tell him how awesome he is when he comes to you... Unless you are on the other side of the garden to begin with. Cheers!

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Hope you can eat the tips.
It may slow the growth a little, but should not hurt them, gus will put out more spear. Chain the dog.
NMO. You can harvest from seedling after 4 years,from 1 year plants after 3 years,2 year plants after 1 year.
So you should be fine, keep the bed watered.

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Thanks for the replies. So far I have not seen new growth from the plants, but this drought then cold spell probably has not helped anything. I will keep the bed watered.

As to the dog, I know dogs don't typically know the difference. My own dog is insanely smart and if I tell him out, he knows to leave where he is. He also doesn't set foot in my flowers. He has me a bit spoiled and it was my own fault for checking on things with my brother's dog outside playing. The dog has gone home, so I shouldn't have any other animal problems unless the deer decide to venture in the patch next.

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I occasionally catch my dogs eating my asparagus.

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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

My dog *LOVES* asparagus. I don't grow it, but when I make it, fully half goes to him. I can see how a patch might be compelling to a dog with the same tastes. (My dog is great about staying out of my garden beds - though he's been known to reach in and steal cherry tomatoes.)

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