Landscape me a fast fence!

karyn(9)May 30, 2013

We're going to be moving into a house in an area where there seem to be no fences - so rather than ask HOA permission and be under scrutiny, we're going to put up a landscaped side yard enclosure for our (large) dog to have as a fenced yard. It doesn't have to be any higher than 4', but should have some kind of chicken wire or some solid structure to it so she couldn't just wiggle through - and possibly one small swinging gate so gardeners can get in and out.

We really don't want it to get all overgrown and bulky, so any recommendations of something to plant in a fence-like row that could hide an inner fence - or be the fence itself?

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This is a bit puzzling because if you use "chicken wire" to put up a "landscaped side yard enclosure" I think it will technically BE a fence. So how does that exculpate you from HOA scrutiny? If you're saying that you intend to completely hide it, it would be difficult to achieve at the beginning and the scrutiny will begin as soon as you erect it.

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Thanks - what I said was " some kind of chicken wire or some solid structure to it" - not specifically chicken wire. The "structure" would be to hold the planting in place from falling over or growing sideways... if it happens to also not allow large dogs through it - all the better.

I was hoping also that whatever we plant goes in thick enough as to hide anything on the inside perimeter that could be construed as fence. Lattice was another thought but that is quite bulky, fence-like, and would likely be very visible.

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So they allow dogs but no fences, how does that work? Apparently dogs will get their exercise indoors or dog walker will come & take them. Unless you put wide cement area under the "chicken wire or whatever I'm afraid most any dog would be digging under it. Most large dogs can easily go over a 4 ft high fence. I have 6 ft block wall & a German Shepard made a running leap & went over it to kill our lop rabbit. His escape was easier as on inside the fence is not as tall as hubby had built a redwood & brick seat so he leaped on it & then there were mud dog prints on the blocks (I had watered that night) & he made his "get-a-away" (Never build a heavy cage with divided sleeping quarters & be stupid & make hole in 1/2 x 1/2 cage fencing so you can pour in the rabbit pellets. Dog that strong forced the hole bigger & rabbit panicked. We had newspaper & animal people out before they finally figured out what happened, I still have the dog's hair it left in hole. So if dog wants something & is smart he won't let a fence stand in his way.

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Some sort of spreading Juniper would probably work quite well. Prickly as well as height-wise. Italian Cypress would also be a good plant, and wouldn't need pruning.

Here's one type....

Here is a link that might be useful: Juniper

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dekeoboe(7B NC)

Usually, you put up the fence first and then the plants. Therefore, the neighbors would see the fence being installed because it would not be screened. And the gate will definitely be seen.

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At closing you should be presented with the HOA rules. Perhaps fences aren't excluded.

Impossible to tell from your one picture where the property line is. Another thing I think you should consider is what view you'd be handing your neighbor to the left.

A consideration you didn't mention is a buried electronic fence. With that you could install the cable in a very large area for your dog to enjoy. As drawn, looks like your pooch would be isolated from patio/pool/family/etc.

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Thanks for the extra ideas. This dog (or any dog I've ever had) has never dug anything anywhere so that's not a concern - nor is jumping - she can barely jump on the bed let alone over a 4' fence.

This is intended as an area for only short time outside running and bathroom breaks without having to be on a leash. She's an inside dog 98% of the time, and the lanai could be an open extension to that area most of the time...when she goes out.

The neighbor on the fence side already HAS a sneaked in fence of their own in back and partially on our side, but they are in the back of a cul-de-sac - well hidden by trees. We would of course still talk to them first as they would be the only ones to be able see it.

We'll talk to some landscape designers and see what they can come up with as well. A couple of other suggestions I've had - bamboo, or - vines (like grapevines).

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dekeoboe(7B NC)

Grapes are potentially dangerous to dogs. You might want to research this before going that route.

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Grapes are DECiDUOUS. Bamboo horribly invasive.

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Thanks again, FWIW we probably won't do bamboo - but the suggestion was for the NON-invasive variety...."clumping".

Of course vines LIKE grapevines for something like this would not BE grapes, and would have to stay ever-green. The next door neighbor has something similar along one section of the lot line - maybe we'll just copy it. Once we move in we'll have to inquire about what it is.

There are these massive 12' hedges along the back of the lanai which we are out of control and going to be cut down to 2' high - or removed entirely. Too bad relocating them would be cost prohibitive if they would even survive. A similar hedge could work, though it would have to be constantly trimmed.

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