Help with foundation planting- with pics

elaine5678May 27, 2010

We bought this house 6 months ago and have recently torn out the rest of the bushes you see in the pic. I'd like to hear your thoughts on what to put in there. I want a fairly contemporary look. I don't want a solid hedge row of azaleas. That seems very traditional to me.

See the pics and tell me what you think. Cars always come from the driveway side of the house and travel toward the left side of the picture (does that make sense?) The end of the street is a cul-de-sac. I'm also wondering what to plant on the side of the house. I want something pretty since that's where everyone parks and gets out. We will be removing that panel/fence on the side. The black drainage pipe will be buried soon.

Thanks for any help and plant suggestions. I'm in zone 7, Charlotte, NC.

Front of house


Here is a link that might be useful: Front of house

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What is the exposure?
The house is very traditional. What do you mean by contemporary?

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It faces north. It gets 1-2 hours of morning sun.

I guess I think of a straight row of azaleas and symmetrical as traditional. I (think) I don't want that. I want something with more texture and variation. Maybe an ornamental grass or 2, and something with color- variegated leaves, yellow color, etc.

I'd also like to have color year round, which I guess is easiest to do with annuals.

Another thing I forgot to mention is we don't want anything to block the windows. They're so low to the ground, so we're looking for low growers there and maybe something taller (1-2 feet) between the 2 windows on each side.

I don't have anything against azaleas. I could use a few, if there's a low growing variety.

Thanks for your help!

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