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mj05May 15, 2010

I need help to design small corner of my garden. It used to be "veggie garden" however this area is wet (I am planning to rise ground level) and shady. What I have to do is to create privacy from my neighborÂs (can I say junkyard?) Â.maybe non-invasive bamboo? Beside this, all options are open!

Approximate size is 18 X 45 but I would "sacrifice" my lawn if necessary.

Here is a link that might be useful: Linky

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I saw this curtain material once in a shop window that 'spoke to me' as they say, I had them made up for a room in the house and for years tried to get the rest of the room to live up to those curtains. The only way I solved the problem was by moving out. So, less cryptically, design the whole garden that includes your "small corner" otherwise you will be looking at that corner years from now thinking "what was I thinking?"

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Good point inkognito! However my budget and time to do the work is quite limited: I won't be able to complete entire backyard redesign in one step.I can however "sacrifice" part of the lawn....

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"I won't be able to complete entire backyard redesign in one step"

Sure you can ... because design is not installation. But getting the whole redesign plan finished so you can work on it in phases is the easiest way, and best on the budget.

Sit down and figure out what you want to do with the entire yard now, and what the sequence of installation needs to be.

If you want trees anywhere, plant them now so they have more time to grow.

If you are redoing a fence, doing it before you spend money to plant in that area makes sense.

If you are moving dirt, demolishing things, taking out trees, etc., get it out of the way early so you don't have the extra hassle of protecting new plantings.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY Landscape Design

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You nailed lazygarden!! But again Â.. IÂm handyman and I need somebody to help me with ideas designÂ. Please help!!

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