How to disguise a hole in a hedge

enmnmMay 21, 2012

We have a juniper hedge in our front lawn. One bush died and I tried to replace it with the same, but I (in my ignorance) bought the wrong variety, one that is more of a groundcover than a bush. The hedge faces full west and gets a lot of sun, except for the place where the bush died--it is directly under a dogwood is forever shaded.

Is there any way to work around this gap? Everyone says to replace the entire hedge, but no one here wants to do that. Is there any work around? This only needs to last 5 years, then we're outta here. The hole is about 3 feet wide.

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Just add a piece of taller garden art (obelisk, gazing ball with pedestal, etc) amongst the shrubbery there, using the dogwood as a backdrop to set off the piece. You could then take it with you when you move from the property.

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Or place a bench in the hole?

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OK, you slipped up by buying the wrong Juniper and got a ground cover type. Why not return to garden center and look for one that is good to keep at 3' to 4' ht. ...? Try for similar color and habit. Even if you don't get a perfect match, it will be good enough to get by with. Better than having a hole or an object you don't want. I know it's already been mentioned in the other thread, but as a reminder, don't allow Dogwood limbs to be so low over the Junipers. There's no reason for it and bad things can happen if you do.

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IMO, I think the break of all that green is nice. Obviously IRL it looks like a hole needing something. Have you considered a Hydrangea. They grown wonderfully. Being in zone 7 I'm sure you have a multitude of flowering bushes to choose from. I think this will be a blessing in disguise.

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What about a picket fence with a 2" x 6" across the top?

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I agree with most of the posters here. You should make it a focal point

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