Weather sucks big time

bigpinksApril 16, 2011

onna put CCR in the player and listen to Who"ll Stop The

Rain or Have You Ever Seen The Rain. A terrible winter and

poor spring back to back is hard on the nerves. We had a beautiful(work on the landscape mound) yesterday but flood

conditions again today for the umteenth time. Saw where my region is inch and a half ahead of April reg rainfall after

16 days. Help!

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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)

Yeah, here too. My new raised bed is still a pile of lumber waiting for a day without rain to get it put up -- and time is rapidly going by to get my cooler-weather stuff in. And I still don't know what the farmers are going to do... geese are swimming in the cornfields. OY!!

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It's all over the place. :( We've been in flood mode for a few years here. Last year they had to raise a section of highway by our place nearly 10 feet to get above the water. This spring we can't get to the city or to the in-laws' without driving through water on the highways. Our horse and donkey are flooded out of their shelter and their front pasture is mostly under water still, enough that we can't use it, especially considering it popped up a corner post on the high-tension fence. This is just nuts.

The only silver lining we get to see here is the diversity of beautiful ducks we now have swimming in the flooded areas of the farmland around our acreage. We get these ones that have strikingly blue beaks during the mating season... just gorgeous! We've always had Canada geese nest nearby with the dugout, but now we get quite a few more, too.

It's the season to hurry up and wait.

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I'm right with you - it snowed a bit here last night with freezing rain today. And I was hoping to get broccoli, lettuce and peas transplanted out this weekend!

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put some boots on and rain coat go work in garden.
we had 1.5 inch rain since 5 am i was out 3 hours from 10am to 1 pm planting broccoli, pea seeds, and few other thing. boy you all are big babies. afraid of little rain.

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In Texas we've had no rain, had forests and homes burning. My grass is getting crisp and dry in areas, I'm watering some of the veggies by hand so I don't lose them.

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Where the heck is zone 2a? You have liquid water there?

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one good thing is that in just over a week I have caught 120 gallons of rain water in three containers and ready with the Pam spray and mosquito dunks. Waiting on the hot!

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96 degrees outside and we haven't had any significant rain in about a month, and no more rain likely until late fall here in southern California. I saved up about 350 gallons of rainwater in barrels during the winter storms, but have already used up over half of it just watering plants ready to be transplanted into the garden.
Too bad mother nature wouldn't distribute the rain more equitably. I would love nothing better than to get even one more inch of rain before the summer.

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We're having a pretty average year here. Only thing is, we've been in drought for so long we all feel waterlogged. I finally got a dry day that coincided with some time to get my rainwater system hooked up. I sure hope we get another couple of good rains before summer sets in to fill those up. It won't rain worth spit again until fall once the weather gods decide it's "summer."

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Pnbrown... you made me spew tea all over my desk, lol!!! I'm in east-central Saskatchewan, about an hour from Saskatoon (zone map in link below). Yes, we occasionally have liquid water up here. :D

Ribsyhuggins, if you have the type of soil you can work in the rain, that's awesome. A great many of us don't. Mine is still frozen actually. The flooding we're dealing with is from the snow melt.

Here is a link that might be useful: Saskatchewan hardiness zone map

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Yep, raining here too, and supposed to be lows in the 40's along with that rain all this week. No planting out for me, though I'd really hoped to get a jump on things. On the bright side, the cool weather crops that are in already are totally digging the rain, so that's something at least.

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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)

I just noticed last night that my lettuce and radishes are up, so at least that's something. Peas, though - nothing yet. We had snow spitting yesterday afternoon. Blech!!!

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Very dry here in San Antonio, TX. We need rain in the worst way. We have a chance of rain next weekend, sure hope we get some.

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Yeah, it's been a lovely spring here, too. Hardly any nice days, mostly cold, grey, and wet. Temps hardly getting much above the 50 degree mark most days. It was 83 last Sunday, but that only stuck around for the afternoon. Today, winds are howling at around 50 mph, the sun comes out for a minute, and the next thing you know it's snowing again. Tonight, they are predicting up to 3 inches of snow just south of us, with about an inch for my immediate are.

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That would be me, Dennis. Today the wind was so awful I had to quit gardening before things got done. I will let you all know how and if arugula, onion, etc seedlings fare under 3 inches of snow.

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Those of us in Vermont are also singing the blues. It's been a terribly cold and rainy month to date and they are predicting light snow tonight. I have lots of warm weather plants scattered throughout the house and basement. I started many too early and, of course, they're getting too big.

However, at least some things like this cold, rainy stuff. I have a large number of raised beds and they certainly have been useful this spring. Several weeks ago I transplanted seven varieties of onion seedlings, various brassicas (broc, cauliflower, cabbage, kale) and several varieties of head lettuce and they all seem to be doing quite well. I am also very pleased with the growth of garlic this spring with some of the plants almost up a foot.

I experimented with gutter peas this year. I had never heard of growing peas like this. I moved the gutter peas to the garden early last week and have been enormously surprised to see how well they are doing. They were about three inches tall when I moved them out and grown at least an inch over the past 10 days. Unfortunately, the pea seeds I directly sowed in the garden soil two weeks ago have yet to be seen.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I still have not seen a tulip open. My lilacs are green, somewhat. I don't mind cooler temps, but all the rain and now the snow sucks. I'd rather have sun and dry in the spring. We get plenty of summer rain most years to fill a pool.

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Just south of Sask, flooding has subsided. 4" of snow and still in the 20's & 30's, but will break into the 50's later this weekend.

Those complaining in zones 4,5 & 6 welcome to my world.

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Its still terrible! Snowing as I type in southeastern Wisconsin...our poor friends in mid to northern Wisconsin are expecting 6-12 inches tomorrow! Everytime we have time to till the garden its either raining, snowing or my peas, cauliflower, onions, kale, etc. wait...

We had a very snowy winter here, scared to think of what our summer will be like.


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Macky, here is a plan for you:

Spread your essential belongings out on a sunny day (if you ever get one) to dry out. Pack the things into your covered wagon, hitch up the oxen and head approximately a bit east of south. Continue until you cross into Florida where you can buy a big nice lot in a failed central fla subdivision for little canadian money. There you can chop down some tall pines and build your cabin while getting your crops into the nice dry sand (never again will you complain of wet ground, though possibly of humid air in the summertime).

I'll stake you some sweet potato varieties for seed, and christmas lima beans.

See you there.

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As soon as I figure out how to hitch my miniature donkey and 15.3 hh horse to the same cart, I'm there. ;)

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franktank232(z5 WI)

mmmmmmmmm.... year round girls in bikinis.

Why my German immigrant ancestors didn't have the vision to turn left from NY and continue south until Ft. Lauderdale is beyond me.

Growing mangoes and pineapples. Guavas and jackfruit. Thongs and banana hammocks.

Up here its apples and potatoes. Grandma panties and bloomers.

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with this cold & rain, I suppose I dont regret getting a late start on my seedlings.... I didnt have anything close to being ready to move outdoors as scheduled.... I may be about to put onions, broccoli and cabbage out next weekend

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Well, we ended up with about 3 inches of wet snow. It didn't stick on the roads, but all of the elevated surfaces and turf is coated. A couple of good hours of sunshine and it would all be gone again, but I don't know if that is in the cards for today or not. Still pretty gloomy here.

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