HAVE: Epi. oerstedii orchid division

gardenjewel(z8AL)August 8, 2012

Have a very recent division of this to trade (yesterday). Has a couple pseudobulbs and a new growth. I will pot it up or ship it as is in moss. It is an exceptionally fragrant smaller easy growing species orchid.

What i am looking for... I like fragrant or fruiting plants in general.... other things i have been looking for are any iochromas, Telosma cordata, bannana passionflower or another pink passie that will grow ok in alabama, Radermachera kunming., white or pink dragon fruit, Eugenia reinwardtiana and i am sure many other plants!

Thanks for looking,


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I have Dragon Fruit but have no idea the color as I have cuttings that haven't flowered yet. They are rooted though. Let me know if your interested.

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Would you be interested in a well rooted Hoya kentiana? Just thought I'd try.

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That sounds good.. I use to have a kentiana but atree fell on it so sounds like a good trade. I still have not potted this up yet so do you want it potted or wrapped in moss?

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I have my own special blend of potting medium so moss would be appreciated.

I looked at your want list. I also have 'Lena' Scotch Broom. Cuttings though, not rooted. I have a viburnum that I have to look up the name of. It makes brilliant red berries. Unrooted cuttings. It's not snow bush. The leaves look like hydrangea leaves. I have 'Moy Grande' hardy hibiscus, these are pink. Small plants or unrooted cuttings. The only true way I'd know it was Moy Grande is if I take cuttings because the plants could be a hybrid or a pure white from the plants next to them.

Thought I'd start a new paragraph here. I'm pretty sure I can find some sassafras if they didn't get eaten by the mower. I could hold them and hit them with Superthrive so they don't shock and then pot them and see how they respond. I also have dwarf purple iris that could be divided.

I don't mind trading for unrooted cuttings, how do you feel about it?

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I accidentally unsubscribed.

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I checked and I do have sassafras.

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plantsforever(zone 6)


Would u be interested in trading for runners of either dwarf "Red Bowl" or "Chawan Basu" water lotus?

Kay Otto
plantsforever @GW

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