Side backyard idea

CalmfoursomeMay 16, 2014


First time poster here...

Hoping for some ideas on DIY ideas to address side of yard.

The ac is rather permanent but everthing else is wide open to ideas. The main problem is slope of grade from patio concrete to fence. I want to avoid a retainjng wall/curbs along the fence if possible. One idea was to use thick flagstone that will allow me to work with slope.

I also would like to raise the grade but given the slight slope, im not sure what to use that would be somewhat permanent and nit erode with elements etc

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Don't forget to state what your objectives to this project are. WHY are you doing this? (We don't know whether it's for more seating or for more planting, or what.)

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Good point. There is no planting intention as I have a large flowerbed (not in picture) along the opposite end of the backyard. It would be nice to position a BBQ (probably on the side closest to patio).

Having said that I'm not opposed to low maintenance plants/trees to complement and beautify the area.

Also of note is that I want to ensure that there is some hardscape (whether it's patio slabs or flagstone etc) up along the patio side as I want to avoid burrowing underneath the patio by wildlife (something we've dealt with in the past)

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It would be nice to position a BBQ (probably on the side closest to patio)." That's it? Just a place to place a grill? How will you access it with that fence? No additional seating or anything?

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I would rather plant some bushes and other things there to screen the AC and buffer the noise some. Maybe something tall to screen the view from your neighbors too.

I also wonder about putting the BBQ there. Were you planning on opening the fence up to easily get to it?

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