Small narrow front bed

barbara.s.32May 17, 2014

Hi I am just learning how this forum works and posted this question last night but can't see it today so will try again.
We bought a 10 foot Vulcan magnolia to plant in this bed but are questioning the shape of the bed. It is on the slope on one side and end and can't be enlarged much so am wondering about going smaller or none at all. Some things died, some were eaten by the dear deer.
My other magnolia on the other side of the yard has no bed around it but is old and big- thanks to yaardvarks imput we have shaped it up. Do I plant this one exactly opposite the old one or try to offset it as much as possible?

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Keep in mind that the shape of the bed needs to correspond to what's in it (tree) and what's around it (street & drive). There fore, the flat sides of the beds abutting street and drive make sense, but the back corner would be better rounded (reflecting the tree canopy). You'll need to reconfigure plantings below the tree to correspond to light conditions (which will change as the tree grows.)

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Thanks yaardvarks - that is an easy fix.

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