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Richard1969May 11, 2014

Ok I have a low spot in my yard almost on the property line between 2 pine trees. I have some acid loving bushes I would love to put there. Being it is a low spot and water collects I need the build a berm. I would like to do this try and do this without spending a fortune on topsoil. This is what I have on hand large amount of pea geavel and sand mixed and numerous bags of brown shredded mulch. I would need to purchase the top soil. Any advice?

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Ideally, you would want the mixture uniform in texture and consistency, so a need to blend all the stuff together.

Not sure how large a berm you envision, but the link will provide rough calculations to follow to determine the amount of soil mix needed. Typically it is going to be something in cubic yards, not cubic feet, like most bagged soil products.

Here is a link that might be useful: berm soil calculations

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Personally, I would not want a berm made of pea gravel, sand and mulch. Sometimes, even if if things work doesn't necessarily mean that they are good ideas. Please post a picture of the area where you are proposing to put this berm.

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