To Berm or Not to Berm?

brainlessgardenerMay 3, 2010

After lurking a bit, it's finally time post. The photo linked below shows the property line where we just had 8 big white pines removed.

I plan to plant a mixture of evergreen shrubs and trees to fill the gap. There are still stumps, however. I guess I could plant around them. But do you think I should make a berm to cover the stumps and provide some visual interest?

I'm also getting a quote on stump grinding. But maybe the berm would look nice. What do you think?


PS how do you get a photo to appear in a post?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Berms do not add visual interest. The look like you are either doing flood control or had leftover dirt from a pool. They are also hard to landscape because you can't mow them and they erode if the dirt is exposed.

If you can't afford the grinding, take a LARGE drill bit and drill several holes vertically as deep as you can in the stumps and fill them with high-nitrogen fertilizer. That will speed up decomposing.

Plant your new things close to the trees and ignore them. In a couple of years the top will have rotted from the stumps.

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karinl(BC Z8)

If a berm would make you happy, far be it from me to deny you, but from an objective standpoint those are not such significant trunks that such an approach would be required. If the stumps were 2 feet across they would be robbing you of significant planting area, but they really aren't. The only reason for a berm would be if the stumps were preventing you from placing new plants where you want.

Or for flood control :-)


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