Need some ideas for empty spot

boo_ahh(9)May 17, 2010

We just installed a sprinkler system and sod in my backyard. However to make everything work we had to change my layout. Now I need some help with filling in some space.

I need to plant something in the red square. It cant be something too tall for on the right side is my living room windows and i dont want to block the view. The pots along the house are also staying where they are. The spot gets full sun.

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How about an herb garden? most of them grow low, flower nicely and are great for aroma and cooking.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

"Not too tall" and "full sun" generates many pages of possibilities. Are there any other attributes you desire that could narrow the scope of possible candidates? I see gravel and lavender -- are you going for a Mediterranean look? Do you want low maintenance or do you like to spend a lot of time in the garden?

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Hmmm....i would like something attractive, something that does flower. Not really going to much for a theme with the landscaping. As for maintenance, i am up for a little but not too much of it.

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Hmmm...since everyone's definition of "too tall" is pretty subjective, here's a definition of "too tall" is, let's say, 6'. Since you have lavender already, how about some centranthus (about 3' tall)...a nice, rosy red that blooms forever, some geranium "rozanne" (2' tall) is a nice cool bluish-purple and should be ok as long as it gets some watering during the summer. Homestead Purple verbena trails along the ground (about a foot tall), spreads 1-2' in every direction, and is covered in dark purple blooms until frost. Purple Emperor sedum (18" tall and about as wide) has lovely dusky purple foliage all season and reddish blooms in fall. Add to that some of the shorter grasses (maybe pennisetum 'moudry' and 'karley rose'...both get about 3' tall and wide. How's that? I'd also mix in some verbena's about the tallest of all these things...getting 5-6' tall...but is so loosely branced that it's practically transparent and will fill in any bare areas until the rest of the plants fill out over time.

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