bored? blank slate - bring your french ideas!

maggiepie11(7)May 16, 2013

hi all!

i'm mostly a lurker on this board, though i frequent the home forums more. we're building a custom house that our builder has dubbed "french eclectic" and it amuses me so we're going with it. :) we'd like to carry the french look through to the landscape. the lot is triangular and sits at the end of a cul de sac. we'll face northeast.

right now we're finalizing plans to break ground on the construction, so we're still several months away, but once the build is in progress, we will have a landscape designer put together an official plan. it has to be submitted and approved by the HOA and regardless, a professional landscape design consultation is included in our builder's feature list. just wanted to mention so nobody thinks i'm trying to bypass professional design help!

i just thought it would be fun to get some input now so that we have some inspiration to bring to that design meeting. any cool ideas come to mind when you look at our site plan and elevation?

i should also mention, we're focusing on the front yard only for now because we're putting in a pool next year (don't want to finance with our mortgage) and we'll tackle the backyard landscape at that point.

so, we like the symmetry and geometric elements of french landscape design, but don't like the super formal elements like sculptures, ballisters, fountains, etc. also, we're supposed to have a minimum of 2 trees in the front yard, both of which need to be lit up at night.

i was thinking a front walkway that bends at a 90 degree angle toward the driveway and keeping the foundation beds also squared off. thoughts on that? in our last house we had really curvy beds, so this is a departure for us. :)

any ideas?? thanks in advance!


site plan (sorry the back 1/3 of the lot is cut off on this pic):

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Hire the landscape architect today! You have no idea how difficult it is to arrive at a newly constructed house consultation and silently wish that it had been possible to work on the project during the planning stage. You know...that stage before the homeowner played designer and the contractor poured the sidewalk while the owners were on vacation. You need someone to listen to you and bounce ideas around. Now. Today.

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Here's a few pictures that might help. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: pics.......

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Not sure if your link is to general pics of "French" landscaping, or of your property. If of your property, pics should be posted in the thread in order to be useful.

Incorporating some parterres, topiary and espalier will help it seem French. Aside from having a few of those elements, you'll still be following basic principles of good design if you want it to look good. I'd focus on that and add the French touches where they fit well, and leave them out where they don't.

Regarding your site plan, the way the driveway intersects with the street at a pronounced angle seems awkward and unflattering. The long, straight driveway at an angle to the house seems "runway-like" and contrary to the French love of style. It seems as if it would be awkward getting cars in and out of the garage with it arranged like that. (I Think an "S" curve driveway would be a major improvement.) Planting beds that reflects the circular cul-de-sac "frame" seems a natural. Seems like it would be worth exploring, again, the arrangement of the major elements of the plan.

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