My small bucket garden..

kittikityJuly 29, 2011

I'm very new at growing veggies but so far it seems to be going fairly well.. But I thought I'd share some pics.. I know I have too many things in the zucchini and peas bucket.. But I seem to have a severe problem with thinning.. I just can't seem to kill a perfectly fine plant.. From now one I'll only be planting one seed per peat pot and go from there.. I've also got a single chard seedling that has sprouted that I need to put in a third bucket but I haven't taken any pics of it yet.. Anyway, enjoy.. Any questions or suggestions are always welcome..

Here is a link that might be useful: Bucket veggies

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Nice! They look about a foot square, right? Follow the square foot gardening planting for 1 square foot and you should be good!

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