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Queen-Gardener(5 OH)August 24, 2014

I am a new gardener, but I have been around gardening almost all of my life, with a Master Gardener in the family. I finally have a garden of my own, I'm 28, on a tight budget, and I know what I want! I am new to this site and trading, I started this year trying to trade on Craigslist, then another plant trading site, where I was able to do a couple trades. Here is my WANT list:
Crocosima "Lucifer" bulbs
Billy Buttons seeds
Globe thistle / Echinops seeds
Rosary Vine cutting
Ric rac cactus
Allium "Spider" or "Christophii"
Colchicum "Waterlily" - fall blooming bulb (just one!please!!!)
Crocus sativus / Saffron Crocus (just one!please!!!)
Lycoris/Surprise Lily bulb
any spring Crocus bulbs
Fritillaria/Checkered Lily bulb
Galanthus/snowdrops bulb
Erythronium / Trout Lily "Pagoda"
Ipheion/Spring Star Flower
"Pooh" Dahlia
Pretty much any Dahlia tubers or seeds
Chasmanthium latifolium - Northern Sea Oats/Flat Headed Oats/River Oats
Hellebores/Lenten Rose seeds any color
Chionodoxa - Glory of the Snow
Variegated Soloman's Seal
Hosta "Curly Fries" and any other tiny dwarfs. I have hosta to trade for it, to make it worth your while, trust me!!!
Lamium/Dead Nettle ground cover that blooms pink and the purple blooming one as well. I have yellow.

"Photon Torpedo" Daylily
"Spock's Ears" Daylily
"Vulcan Logic" Daylily
"Dabo Girl"
any Star Trek-themed daylily, obviously!
"Alien DNA"
"Francis of Assisi"
"Frans Hal"
"Blue Breasted Bee-Eater"
"Feelin' Froggy"
"Flamingo Fantasy"
"Flaming Lips"
plus many more . . .

"Deep Space"
"Beam Me Up Scotty"
"Millenium Falcon"
"Battle Star Atlantis"
"Spice Lord"
"Spice Trader"
"Spice World" - Louisiana Iris
"Dark Forces" - Intermediate Bearded Iris
"Chasing Rainbows"
"Upper Hand"
"Summer Skies"
"Flaming Lips"

Here is my TRADE list:
tall red daylily
black eyed susan /rudebeckia
shasta daisy

Christmas Cactus
Aloe Barbadens pups
Green Oxalis/Shamrock

grape hyacinth bulbs
Peruvian lily bulbs

Calla Lillies - I planted Calla Lily seeds this summer for fun, and had 100% germination rate!!! Cool experiment, but they are babies so no idea what color or if they will be sterile. I have tons. Some seeds left, too.

I also have various other things I won't list here because I don't have a lot of it. Email me. Thanks for your time!!!

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Queen-Gardener(5 OH)

I'll have hosta seeds soon - the pods are ripening. The parents are extremely large, 4 ft variegated, not sure the name. Also have tons of seedlings from two different color types of large hosta, the seedlings are all green.

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sent email :)

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