Suggestions for designing/landscaping our front yard!

LoraniumMay 4, 2012

Please help! I would like any and all suggestions you can offer! The picture I posted is from when we first bought our house, the garage and and shutters are a red/rust color now (I attached a picture of a shutter to show the color, but I don't have an updated all-over picture).

I am thinking of using the red color in the landscaping, but I also need some type of evergreen plant or something that will stick through the winter. I live in Northern Ky, the Zone is a 6. My front yard has full sun all day.

My house is very "boxy" looking, so I would like to curve the landscaping to soften the look. Here are my pics - and if you need any further information pls ask!

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I try to plant combinations and contrast,shrubs nice mix and coordinate colors reality for you.

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In the driveway strip, I'd do a tall, vertical grass like Karl Foerester against the house and then move down to lower, workhorse perennials for the rest of that space.

What you want against the how depends on how much work you're up to. For example, Annabel or Incrediball hydrangeas as a single hedge would be simple and stunning--and super easy maintenance. Or you could make a wide curve, making the lawn near the house into a half circle around the tree, and plant the back with higher shrubs and the front with perennials.

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To me it seems like the tree (crabapple?) on the front left is in the wrong place - or is it just the photos? - it seems to barricade some important sight lines. Otherwise, I can well imagine a specimen tree - maybe Viburnum Plicatum "Mariesii" somewhere on the left side of your front yard, and all kinds of conifers would look great next to your house. You could also use evergreens with reddish foliage, such as Nandina and Heuchera. I'm not sure if I'd plant anything in the narrow strip between driveway and walkway - I'd probably keep the front part of it as grass.
Just a thought - what if the little path connecting driveway/walkway were paved with brick, and extended across walkway so that it curves around the house?

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What kind is the small tree? And how do you envision it working with the house as it becomes a large tree (if it will do so)?

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The small tree that I added?it is yellow shrub Witchhazel.

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I'm asking about the 12' ht. existing main tree at the center of the grass area to the left of drive in front of brick portion of house.

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I'd make that strip between the driveway and the sidewalk walkable somehow- I'd put pavers or bricks or concrete or something there. A smooth walkway between the two areas is good when carrying groceries or just walking- you don't need to be wondering where to step in your front parking/walking zone. And mowing, edging, and weedeating a strip like that is ridiculous.

I'd extend that surface to the space where the front entrance area/front porch should be because now there isn't one. It looks as if you step right out of the house onto lawn- there's not what we used to call a "goodnight" zone. I'd take that zone down to at least where the little crosswalk thing is. Then you could have some seating and nice large pots of things to soften the expanse of brick between the door and the window.
I would change out that wrought iron support post to something more contemporary.

If the tree is sentimental, perhaps it could be thinned so the house is still visible behind it instead of blob of green. Until we know the species I guess we can't decide on that.

Then it's just a matter of edging the hardscape with a border of some sort- size and plants depending on your interest and time available. If you loooove gardening the border could become a bed encompassing the tree itself which would simplify mowing tremendously.

Why are there no shutters on the one upstairs window?
One of these things is not like the others, LOL.

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I'd keep the tree and make a bed going from the walkway to it, and frame it with climbing roses, vines, etc, then put a sitting bench there hidden. I would extend the bed along the right side of the house as that gutter really stands out, and plant something vertical like an arborvitate or italian cypress. I would also do a small planting area or pots with herbs near the door.

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