Annual or perinneal?

btbarbara(7b/8a)July 5, 2011

Just to show what a newbie I am, here's probably the stupidest question ever asked...which plants survive from one year to the next and which do you just throw out? For the ones that will come back next year, what do you do to them between seasons (like how you prune flower bushes so they'll grow back bigger)?

I'm in north-central GA...we do have a winter here but it's not extreme. We might get single digits at night a few times but not often. Ironically, my indoor space is more limited than outdoor but I do have an unheated garage and a couple of windows in the house that get morning sun.

Cayenne peppers - I think I should bring these in the house for the winter? I have 2 in small pots and stupidly, 2 sharing a big box with a watermelon...would those 2 go "dormant" or whatever in the garage or do I need to move them to small pots and bring them in? Do I just leave them alone or do I "do" anything to them to prepare for next year?

Strawberries in hanging baskets - So far I've got 6 or 7 of these with 3-4 plants each (I say "so far" because they're putting out tons of runners which I've been trying to plant). Some of them are Ozark Beauty, some I'm not sure what variety they are but they've been fruiting pretty steadily since I got them in mid-May and they're still making more flowers and berries now. Will they be ok in the garage or do they need to come in the house? I'd hate to have to replace all of them next year but I don't have room for all these hanging baskets inside. If I put them in the garage to go dormant, do I cut back everything but the crown? I've had a problem with beetles this year...should I try to repot them to avoid any grubs? Is it better to do that before winter or when they're ready to go out for next year?

Tomatoes - I have one Better Boy tomato that is alive but that's about all I can say for him. Found out a little too late that that's really not an ideal variety for containers and his pot is WAY too small at any rate. I won't be devastated if I have to start over next year but I hate to throw him out if I could put him in the ground or a better pot and give him another try next year.

Cucumbers - I have several "picklebush" and "burpless bush hybrids" that are doing great. Do they just die at the end of the season or will they come back next year if I take care of them? What exactly would that entail?

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Annual last one season (annum means year) perenials will come back year after year.
As far as pruning between seasons ,this is judged based on individual plant needs .
Do your winters contain a freeze ? If so many plants are killed by the frost .
Peppers will continue to grow slowly over winter(dormancy) as will most plants .Will survive a mild frost or two also.Pruning these are optional .
I wouldn't try to save the tomato plant as it already is stunting by being in too small a container.
I think cukes die at seasons end .(sure you can google individual plants to find out for sure)
Strawberries depend on which type they are.
Consider when you over winter in the house you are bringing many creatures.insects thet can infect house plants .
Since you will get little to no fruit during the winter jts up to you to decide if you want to deal with space and light requirements,and the insects .
You can always google or search GW under species to find out more.

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matt_tampa(9a/9b Tampa FL)

I'm not aware of any plants that are perineal - I'm assuming that would mean that they grow in that little area between your front and back private parts, the perineum. LOL! Sorry, no offense, I just found that hilarious! ;D

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