Advice on securing cement block to solid rock

caribbeancupcakeMay 31, 2010

Our driveway has a shear twenty foot rock face on the left side all the way down to our house. This rock wall is 110'

long and is about five feet high up by our gate and about thirty feet high at the grade of our house ,with only about 18 inches of soil above the rock face.

St John has poor soil and is mostly volcanic rock. At the end of the driveway near the house the soil is constantly eroding every time it rains. It causes a rock slide ending

down on our driveway which is soon to be paved. A thirty foot retaining wall of concrete is out of the question due to budget issues. This is complicated because the area above

this rock wall belongs to a neighbor and borders our property line so we are working right on the property line.

We were wondering if a concrete block wall two blocks high with rebar drilled down into the solid rock would be worth all the work and solve the rockslide problem.The grade above the edge of the rock wall is about 45 degrees.We would edge the top of the rock wall about a foot back with the blocks secured with rebar filled with rocks and concrete.

All thoughts are appreciated.

I will try to send pictures clarify.

Thanks, AlyceUSVI

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A picture is worth more than a thousand words.


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