Starting a container garden!

MarcusAllanJuly 7, 2014

Hey all, I am brand new to this forum, but have had a green thumb for decades. I finally moved back to Houston recently, and want to rekindle my Hill Country upbringing by creating four container gardens in my large, unused space In my back yard. This space is roughly 400 square feet and partly shaded by an oak and China berry tree, which i recently had pruned. Here are my ideas. Please, help me and correct me if i am wrong. I live in the Copperfield area, if that helps regarding weather patterns. I would like to build a container to house herbs. One to house vegetables. One to house melons and a final one to house or be a butterfly, hummingbird, bumble bee garden. The dimensions are to be 3 feet tall (. 2 ft container, one foot legs) , two feet wide, and eight feet long. Quarter inch holes drilled randomly in the bottom. That's my vision. So, new gardening friends, what do i plant In Houston, successfully, and what should I NOT waste my time pursuing?

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Welcome Marcus, I have no advice for you, I just wanted to let you know there is a separate forum for Texas if you wanted to post over there. When you go to the main garden page scroll down to the T's...... :>)

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