Need advice with on my small yard. Please help!

angusboomMay 21, 2014

I have a small backyard that I hate. It is small and narrow and has a retaining wall running along the left side. I hate the wall, I always wanted vines or ivy on the wall but am not sure what to do with that. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? im open to anything, I want to like my yard, please help!

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back up with the camera and include the house in the picture so we can see how it relates to the yard.

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I'd like to see the top of the retaining wall.

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I don't know - maybe this is all the yard that's available for planting anything... a dense neighborhood of townhouses/rowhouses in New York? Not everyone has vast expanses to putter around in.

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I think it is all there is. Still, plantings need to respond to their surroundings ... which we have no idea what is there.

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