What would you do?

jparkins_ohio(5a OH)May 10, 2011

This is the side of my house that faces North East. It receives full sun. I would like to plant a weeping cherry tree in the front where the rock is and I would like to plant a lilac in the corner by the fence (there is a peony there now that I will move.)

My question is, what would you plant in the middle? My thought was 3 burning bushes as a foundation. Is there something better?

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I would plant something evergreen rather then deciduous. But I have no idea what to recommend since I'm struggling with the same thing right now.

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lpinkmountain(5b/6a border PA)

I would never plant burning bush, also called euonymous. I work in forest conservation and they are a horrible weed in forests. I would also not plant japanese barberry, another popular foundation plant. I have pulled gads of both out of woodlots trying to save the native wildflowers. Make sure you plant the weeping cherry well away from the house, because ultimately they get huge.

If you like the bright red foliage of the burning bush, try planting blueberries or fothergilla. Both turn bright red in the fall. Fothergilla also puts on a nice show in the spring with white flowers. Another option that has red foliage all season is ninebark. I have that in my yard and I really like it.

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lpinkmountain(5b/6a border PA)

I forgot to say that it is ninebark of the "Diablo" variety, because there are other ninebarks with other colored foliage, including I think golden. The ninebark looks great with blue green evergreens. Oh, and for another plant that looks good mixed with evergreens, there is redtwig dogwood, which has light green leaves but bright red twigs. Another plant that gives you a burst of red color in the fall is winterberry holly. It's not evergreen like some hollies, but really bright with the berries. But you have to have a male and female bush to get the bright berries. The male bushes are somewhat smaller and inconspicuous. Bunnies love to gnaw on winterberry twigs though, same with blueberries. There are other evergreen hollies that also have red berries if you're set on evergreen.

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