Fencing the dog out of a flower bed

drexler(Z5 PITTSBURGH)May 26, 2008

I've posted this over at the perennial forum but think that this is a good place to ask. I want to build a small fence. Maybe only 3' tall. I was hoping for some suggustions as to how to construct a fence to keep the dog out of the flowers.

I don't want to spray or treat the ground with anything since we are always getting rain and it will require constant mainaninance. Also, there are other dogs in the neighborhood that need to stay out too.

So how far apart would you place the pickets? 5" or so? How tall? What style would you build to show as much of the space without loosing the view? This looks like a DIY project costing around $125.00 or so. Thanks!

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The posts will cost you that alone and finials on top. Board on board, so whatever you use 1X3, 4' high using a 1x3x8, will be replicated front and back or just one side. Dogs can get through 5". If you are going to paint do it before construction.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

I'd consider using welded wire mesh with Pressure treated posts and simple 2" by 2" rails top and bottom if you want maximum view of flowers with least visible fence, and stay within your proposed budget. I agree that a painted picket fence will probably be more work and more cost, but may fit in better in winter when any type of fence is likely to stand out without all the vegetation, especially in a climate like Pittsburg.

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We used landscape timbers for posts & cut them in half. Then we did have the lattice for awhile till the dogs learned to jump it. So this year we put pickets in. We had an oldpicket fence we picked up on the side of the road & my husband took it apart & put the pickets alternating them with a picket gap in between each one. I t is doing it's job with keeping the dogs out. See the posts they are smaller than the pickets and the the pickets are attached to the rail forgot the size of that. HTH

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drexler(Z5 PITTSBURGH)

Lisa (love the name rosiebottom hehe)
I love the pic and that is exactly what I want to create. Maybe a little high but I like that style. I could even space out the pickets a little wider to allow for a better view. I'll be staining my fence to match the colors on the house. I'm excited to get started now.

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Thanks I think if you go a little wider the dogs might be able to get through. My dog got through right at the corner, you can see some boards sticking through. My hubby has to fix this. That's why my hosta looks like that. The rails are 2x2. The one we had up before was a s low as the posts and they could jump that. My dogs are lab and chow mix- not too big not too small. The girl is 50lb. and the boy 75.

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