Patio where an above ground pool used to be

DrewG84May 11, 2012

Just bought a new house and removed an above ground pool. Now I have a 24' diameter circle of sand in my backyard. I would like to make a paver patio. Does anyone have experience with laying pavers directly on sand in a situation like this? Of course I would compact and level the sand first.



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Drew, people work with "make-do" situations all the time. Sometimes the results are satisfactory. Sometimes they are not. And depending on which way the results end up may be determined or influenced by many small factors. I would suggest that you take a good, clear photo of the area and show how it relates to its access and post that in the thread. You might say what the intended lifespan of your patio is. Setting pavers on a sand base with no compacted crusher run sub-base--especially in a freeze-prone climate--is not guaranteed to bring long lasting results. You should clarify if that's acceptable.

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Don't do this. It will fail. Google ICPI for proper installation specs, or follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

It would be a bad idea anywhere, but in Massachusetts? After one winter you'll need to shim your table with a brick to get it remotely close to level.

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