My veggies are growing! ; - )

RenthorinJuly 2, 2011

I decided to try a container garden this year as I have a small patch of sunlight in the back yard...but it is populated by Siberian Huskies.

As we don't use our deck I figured that would be a good place to try growing things. It gets a lot of sun in the late morning through afternoon.

So far everything is growing well. I tend to over water so I have to pull back a bit as the tomatoes were complaining.

Monsters that inhabit the yard:

Some cucumber, strawberries, and lettuce. They are really starting to perk up now that it is warm and sunny:

Rain barrels, hanging plants, nothing too exciting:

Potatoes, carrots, corn, peppers, beans, tomatoes...etc:

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Nice! Way to grow!

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I just looked and have purple bush beans about two inches long. Almost every tomato plant has fruit now too :-)

I go away for two days and look what happens.

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Yes. Beautiful pictures of your dogs and bravo for making good use of those containers !


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