Container veggies doing well in mid-season.

edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)July 8, 2011

Just a brief update. I'm using the 511 mix in all containers except my one SWC. Tomato plants all have fruit set, I'm on my second pea crop, the first was a success. The pepper plants have peppers on them. The potatoes are mature and I'm just waiting for plants to die for harvest. There are watermelons and muskmelons set. I hand pollinated the melons, which I believe helped, due to lack of bee population. The pole beans are tall, but slow to bloom and set beans. Watering seems like a 'job' sometimes....maybe a little more water retention next year. My one SWC, made from two 5 gal buckets, thrown together at the last minute, has been a lot of fun. At first, I thought it was a dismal failure, as the tomato plant (Rutgers) seemed stunted and was turning yellow. Then all of a sudden I looked and it was dark green. The fertilizer must have kicked in. IMO it has been the best looking plant since, and it has fruit on it now. I get a kick out of monitoring how much water it drinks. At first it didn't drink much at all, but now I'm filling the res. every few days.

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Glad to hear your melons set fruit. Keep us updated.. maybe some pics :)

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