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legend88lsJuly 20, 2013

Hello, I have a Black Beauty eggplant in a 6 gallon container and up until now it's been doing well. A couple of weeks ago I had a bout with some flea beetles but i believe they are gone, and since have had lots of flowers which resulted in 5 eggplant fruits. However, I want to make sure I can maintain this plant properly, since some of the eggplants seem to fall off prematurely and am concerned. Flowers are falling too. It appears the plant is root-bound, and the lower leaves are yellowing. The upper leaves are a lighter shade of green too. There is new growth at the top, which is good, but I want to make sure I can get the most out of it until fruits mature. For instance, am I overwatering? I recently gave it some Foliage-Pro 9-3-6 too. The pic explains better. Tks

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legend88ls, flowering plants go through a cycle of vegetative (growing) and reproductive (flowering/fruiting) stages.
During vegetative growth, water, nutrients and adequate light are necessary and must be available.
As the plant enters its reproductive cycle, it draws on its reserves - carbohydrates and amino acids - which have been manufactured and stored.
Interposing nitrogen and/or water at this stage will stimulate the plant to start growing again. In extreme cases (periods of unseasonal rainfall) the plant will drop all its flowers and/or fruits and sprout new leaves.
I would recommend that you cut back on watering and withhold fertilizer altogether.
The Earthbox ⢠system is a good model. The fertilizer is placed at the outset and as the plant flowers and starts to set fruit, watering can be adjusted by replenishing the reservoir at longer intervals or not filling it as much.

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