What looks good with Teddy Bear Magnolias?

aggieroseMay 21, 2014

Hello! I recently planted 2 teddy bear magnolias and I now need other bushes to go behind them. I would like them to be evergreen. I live in the Dallas, Tx area so they would have to be able to stand up the our heat and the area they would be in gets morning sun, afternoon shade. I would prefer to not have boxwoods or holly's. Any suggestions of what would pair nicely with the magnolias? I would love azaleas or gardenias, but we don't have the right soil for them here and they don't grow well. I don't have anything else in the bed right now so it's pretty much a clean slate. I would love some advice!

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You're asking for answers from people who are in the dark. How large of space, the arrangement and what's around it? A picture that shows everything always helps.

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Yardvaark, I don't know how to post pictures. I'm really wanting suggestions of shrubs that will compliment and look good with the magnolias. Evergreen, 2-3 feet tall, can handle Tx heat, morning sun only. Hopefully someone may have some good ideas. This is for my front flowerbed and nothing else is in the bed at the moment except the 2 teddy bear magnolias. I have one at each corner of the bed.

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Learn how to post a picture. There's a button called "choose file" where you post.

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