would love to make some trades

SmokyMist(7 East TN)August 19, 2011

I have so much to trade, but often I wont' get trade requests because people feel my list is intimidating. Well it's not lol. I started out with almost nothing years ago on Gardenweb, and through many many awesome trades, and the non ability to stop buying certain plants ( sedum)..I now have a nice sized list.

I still DON'T have alot of the most common plants, and I love to trade for boxes going to my mother.

My mother is my gardening mentor, and her gardening keeps her going, and when she get's new plants there is nothing better than the smile on her face .

So...I would love to trade for a few good boxes going to Mom, and something coming here.

Mom loves everything...hostas, daffodils ( she LOVES daffs , especially pink ones)..

I have potted up for trade, that I potted up early spring, and so these are FULL size plants I will remove from the pots to ship. The Echinacea are FULL size plants that will be dug from the garden ( I need to thin them)...but the spent flowerheads will be cut off for shipping.

Spiderwort ' Billberry Ice'

Penstemon ( bearded tongue)

Rose of sharon bushes , all colors

Campanula 'Elizabeth' ( dug from the garden)

TONS of sedums for your rock gardens and container gardens. I would have to send you an available list, but these are full size plants in 4" pots like you'd buy at the nursery.

Thornless Blackberry Plants

Tall Phlox Delta Snow

Evening Blooming Yellow Primrose ( dug from garden)

Artesmia Limelight ( VERY tall right now )

Maxmillion perennial sunflowers ( have small ones and some that are 4' tall already)

Echinacea Magnus and Purpurea

Shasta Daisies

Garlic Chives

Aguilegia double blue and nora barlow pink

Brugmansias, I have some that are around 15", but if you are local I have some BIG ones in 3 gallon pots

Butterfly Bushes Yellow Honeycomb

White, old fashioned Peonies (one left )

15 varieties of Canna Lilies !! These are in 3 gallon pots, so these are LARGE plants

herbs, BIG sweet basil plants in 6" pots, purple basil, fennel ( long and leggy), Greek Oregano ( will dig from huge pot ), Purple Perilla, catnip, spearmint.

Water plants

Balloon Flowers ( would be a white/purple mix as I don't know which is which)

creeping jenny

Malva Zebrina ( french Hollyhock)

Old Fashioned Red touch me nots


And I have alot more..I am not digging on daylilies, peonies, hostas or heuchera right now..just too hot.

Would love to make some big trades.

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prayerrock(zone 5)

I am getting ready to clear out my iris bed, have several named iris..would you be interedted in some of then for the yellow butterfly bush and some sedum? I am just starting a sedum bed. I can send a large box if iris.

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Hi! Would your mom be interested in a mix of pink daff varieties along with some pink varieties of tulips? I was getting ready to put in a tulip order and I'd be happy to trade out some of what I'm getting along with the daffs.


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Sending Email....Thanks,Sherri

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Cheryl, you and I have traded a few times - how are you?

I can understand traders being intimidated - LOL - I grow a LOT, LOT of plants and I feel sure I don't grow anything you don't already have!

Maybe, if it's possible, you could post a 'wants' list in this trade offer and that would help. Ya never know - YOU and I just might be able to trade!

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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

HI Kay !!!
You know it's the fault of generous traders on Gardenweb that I have so much LOL. I havn't added a ton of my new plants, but I always looking at people's ' looking for ' posts to see if I have what they want.
Let's see...for Mom. Hostas,ferns, shade plants, old fashioned flowers ( boy does she love old fashioned that remind her of her childhood ). Columbines that aren't the native, or a double blue. Daffodils, lilies...

For me...flowering vines..unusual tropical plants. We invested and built a growing room in the house that has shelving and a 600 watt metal halide light, so I can grow all the tropicals I want that will fit lol. Brugmansias that I dont' have...anything edible other than thornless blackberries which I have. Carnivorous plants , sedums I don't have ( there are many !), succulents that originate in Madagascar, dark foliage plants or variegated foliage plants..I'm a huge fan of dark plants in the garden. And you know...there are so many plants I dont' even know about, I'd be interested in anything that isn't on my 'have' list .

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Well, I can send you ferns for postage - I have lots! If your mom wants elephant ears, I got tons of those, too. If you want to pay postage, I have cuttings of a good number of tropicals I can send you. Email me and we will take it from there.

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gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)

Smokeymist, I have tons of tropicals. Look at my list and it is not complete so email me.

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marcia1(4/5 WI)

HI, have references (don't know if still active)--kathy-ann, dirtpig, daylily99, naturedge,Lois-zone-3, dicentra..can check through old journals if needed.
Would like to trade daylily "Dragon Orb". "Paper Dragon", "Baby Blue".... Sedum-Iceberg,Sedum tricolor, and those long bean seeds.
I have allium-senescence, columbine seeds (shades of pink and rose and seedlings..they are the pleated ones (mature ones don't transplant well. Blue lobelia plants (just finishing bloom-but rosettes should be there. Have to check the name of the sedum--don't know if Odon, Octopus, Oracle or some other O. Big leaf ligularia for color.( dark blur green top and eggplant underside;.will be making concrete leaf bowls from mature plant leaves larger than dinner plate. Light yellow water iris with purple veins.( photo available) Japanese painted fern., Christmas fern..another don't know if Lady fern..would have to check structure.
Red raspberries (large patch at new home)..will take shovel, scythe etc.
Also have jewelry that I have made..could send photo.
Do you have any interesting rocks"?
I love to stuff the rectangle Flat Rate boxes for $$ worth.

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Smokyeymist,you got mail..Sue

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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

Thank you Sue, but nowhere in my post did I say I was offering plants for postage.

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LOL, You are a true gardener and so just for the fun of it I ask, do you have a cactus garden?

You queried about what you didn't have and I saw no mention of our beautiful prickly friends. LOL

If you consider them I would love to share with you, or trade with you. I have some large varieties and some small varieties. But I warn you, cacti are absolutely addictive once you start with them!!!


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I do not have a big list to trade but if I have anything you might like, i would be interested in the Penstemon, Echinacea Magnus and Purpurea and/or
Balloon Flowers. Thanx

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Hi Cheryl, hope all's well. You still have thornless blackberry or canna? Would like different than mine and dwarf ...I have rooted Hibiscus that looks like a large Turk's cap- about to bloom, Billbergia " Foster's Striate", red spider lily, no cuttings...plmk, thanks.


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ibartoo(z8 sc)

Hi Smokymist, Looking at your list made me want to work on mine. I have some things on your wish list and a few I would love to trade with you. If you are still trading from this post, please send me a message.
Thanks, Ibartoo

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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

I would love to make some trades in early October, if anyone is still interested. I have been so very tied up with business I havn't been able to make more trades, and we're getting ready to make the drive of a lifetime to Arizona. Send me an email if you're interested in trades the first week ( end of ) of October. Thanks everyone !

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I dont have anything to trade at this moment,just moved from Florida to Ohio but i would love to have some of yours plants.Please let me know.
Thank you

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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

Ok we're back from our trip, so if anyone is interested in making a trade I'll be able to the first week of October.
Christina..your post just doesn't make any sense to me. you have nothing to trade but you responded to my trade post ? I'm looking specifically for trades. It's too difficult and expensive to dig up plants and just give them away. Occasionally I offer a box of cuttings, but am not at this time.

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Hi there, I'm interested in a few items on your list, please check my list and let me know if you'd like to exchange for anything.

Here is a link that might be useful: My exchange list

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i am interested in any of the Echinacea

I have purple Cone Flowers

Choc Mint

Thank You


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