Ups and downs of vacation

jardinier_79(PA 6)July 17, 2013

My veggies are starting to show me some love--just in time for our family vacation. There are a lot of developing fruit that will be fully ripe while we are gone. It's a span of only 3-4 days, but I don't want the plants to slow production b/c there's overripe veggies just hanging out. Dilemma is whether or not I should remove some of the veggies that are very close to being ripe, but aren't yet, or just let things go. In other words, should I commit veggie-cide? A neighbor has offered to water everything, but it's a raised deck with no ground access. Advice?

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I have always gotten the neighbor that waters for me to take some produce. They are good at taking tomatoes, not so good at taking other vegs. In other words, if it will be big and red and tasty, no problem. But I have been gone for a longer time than you plan to be. I really don't see how things are going to get beyond ripe in three to four days. If it's a tom, just pick it now and put in on the windowsill of your house and it will be ripe when you get back. Or just don't worry about it and pick it when you get back.

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